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Levitation Wedding Photography

Conceptual photography is unique and fun. Imagine yourself defying gravity and floating freely in the air. To create levitation photos for weddings, have the couple stand or lie down on a support object such as a stool,

  • Use a software (such as Snapheal) to erase the stool and you will create the impression that your model is floating in the air. 
  • The second method is to take two photos which are framed identically; one with the model and the second one without it. Post processing can be done in Adobe Photoshop with layer masks. [Instructions here]

To create a more dramatic scene, capture the image in an open field with debris flying around, like the bride is going to be pulled by a storm, and the partner tries to rescue her.

Photos by Luke Sharratt:
big wind

Mark the object to be erased in Snapheal
The stool is gone replaced by the background

Back home, VALENTINO Bridal Cafe, a bridal house located at the heart of Ipoh is a bridal house and cafe combo; 2-in-1 concept. Their signature pre-wedding levitation photography is kinda impressive.
piano broken glasses
The bride and groom are in dream land

texture floating
The love birds flying freely

lamp post
Floating gracefully

Photo by GTC Bridal, Jalan Ipoh:
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