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List of Wedding Themes

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Some wedding themes are so intriguing, with the details that they put into creating the entire thematic event. Themes are sometimes selected due to the couple’s shared interest. It can be as simple as a theme of a few of colors, or as extensive as a mega carnival wedding. Your imagination can go wild! Here’s a list of things for you to be creative: Venue decor, food station, photo-booth, pre-wedding photography, favor, attire, accessories, makeup & hair, performance, flowers, cake, car and many more.

  • Bohemian (boho) – Rich red, purple, orange loose flowers with
    varying lengths, metallic vase, colored glasses, Crocheted dress, big
    flower applique, flower crowns, cloth with tiny floral prints, messy
    hairstyle, hat for the groom 
  • Carnival – popcorn & candies, favor station, Ferris wheel,
    merry-go-round decorative, games booth, balloons, photo booth with
    circus backdrop
  • Celestial
    – ceiling filled with sparkles, photoshoot under the starry sky or
    light painting, glittering gown, crystal nail, star decorative.
  • Cinema – Venue decor with movie posters and signage, movie ticket invites 
  • English – Cameron Highlands (English country home and hotels for
    photoshoot), old English style venue (Bankers Club, Duchess Place),
    garden white chairs, classic car
  • Chinese traditional – Red flowers, traditional gown (kua with
    headdress) or cheongsam (qipao), suit, Chinese restaurant with
    traditional interior, pulled rickshaw for march-in, traditional Chinese musical instruments, red car
  • Fairy Tale
    – Horse carriage decor, princess bridal look, tiara hair accessories,
    photography with the backdrop of a castle (in Europe!), edited Disney
    backdrop, princess gown, prince charming suit, white castle pelamin,
    venue decor filled with flowers, castle wedding invites, cake and
  • Indian Traditional – kolam decor, sari & accessories (armlet,
    bangles hairpiece), sherwani (groom), mehndi, mandap on the stage,
    traditional dance performance
  • Korean Concept – Korean makeup and hair (the best!), K-pop songs,
    gangnam dance, pre-wedding photography in Korea, hanbok (traditional
  • Vintage
    – photobooth backdrop of old collectibles, front braided hair, bohemian
    style, old Hollywood glam, pillbox hat, gloves, pearl necklace,
    photography location at Petaling Street, suspender, antique car,
    reception venue (K’Seena House has vintage interior)
  • White variations – a white wedding is stunning, white flowers, candles, lantern.
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