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Christian Louboutin Shoes

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it is hard to walk

Many brides who go for designer heels for their wedding, pick Christian Louboutin (CL). What is so special about those red-soled shoes? Ladies love them. Since 1992 Louboutin has painted the soles of his shoes red – the color is flirtatious, and sensual. The shoes have an amazing selection of classics and naturals, along with
the most creative eccentric pieces of foot-art you’ve ever seen. More and more celebrities are spotted wearing them. Originated from France, I think it’s only right to pronounce the Parisian brand in French.

The shoes are the classic, iconic form of luxury. Women do not buy CLs for comfort, they are one of the LEAST comfortable shoes you could buy. So wear them around the house so they are properly broken in before the big day. Generally, CL shoes with a slight platform (like the Very Prive) will be more comfortable than those with a flat-bottom. For wider feet (or have bunions), the Clichy and Declic are two of the safer bets as their cut is slightly wider. You can buy them online, or from one of the stores in various cities around the world, the nearest store is located in Singapore. Price wise, it is definitely a splurge.
Nov 2013
Before buying my shoes I did a lot of research on most comfortable designer shoes. Louboutins came up on every list as the LEAST comfortable shoes you could buy… So beware. But, Jimmy Choo’s topped every list I saw and they also have some great styles. Cole Haan also was high on the comfort list.

As a shoe person, I totally splurged on my shoes. I bought a similar pair of Jimmy Choos. I love them and they are sooo comfy. I wear them around my house almost daily so they are properly broken in before the  big day. Then, after the wedding, I can wear them whenever I want. 🙂 I did try on a bunch of CLs and they were horribly uncomfortable even just walking around the store. The sales lady actually looked at me like I was nuts when I said the JCs were more comfy. She flat out said “women do not buy CLs for comfort.” Her attitude was priceless and I couldn’t help but laugh. So, if you do get them without trying them on, buy them from a department store with a good return policy.
As for whether splurging is worth it. Think realistically about your budget and whether it’ll break the bank. We are talking $500 shoes, not chump change. Could that money be spent better elsewhere? Can you afford everything else you find more important if you get them? Will you wear them again or be upset if you don’t?

Mar 2012
If you’re going to get a pair of Designer Heels, Christian Louboutins are the ones to grab. They are the classic, iconic form of luxury, and in-mistakable. The shoes have an amazing selection of classics and naturals, along with the most creative eccentric pieces of foot-art you’ve ever seen. Be aware that Louboutins run narrow, so its a good idea to size up. Also keep in mind that it depends heavily on the arch and form of your foot. I have bunions, and a very high (collapsed) arch. Since my foot is wide and high, I generally need arch support, and a good shoe stretching combined with a larger size (41-42 EURO here). Take a look at your foot in relation to the shoe, and see what adjustments you may need to make. Mr  Louboutin even admitted his designers at or over 160mm are menat to be short-worn, not for walking, moreover special events. Generally, CL shoes with a slight platform (like the Very Prive and Vee) Will be more comfortable than those with a flat-bottom. In addition, if you have a large foot, a sandal or peep toe will be easier to bear than a tighter, closed toe style. Also, wedges have more surface area to stand on, which is easier, and less cumbersome than walking on a stiletto heel. For wider feet, the Clichy and Declic are two of the safer bets. The cut is slightly wider, and in combination with a 1/2 size up its more bearable.
normal arch bunion support
Depending on your foot type, bear in mind the adjustments you are going to make when choosing the right shoes
suede pumps red soe so high!
have a hidden platform, almond shaped toe box, synthetic outsole, synthetic lining and signature red soles.
blue dress golden red shoes
Gwyneth Paltrow wearing Louboutin “New Declic” Pumps – its cut is slightly wider
silver glitter black with sharp diamonds
Left: so kate (120 mm) – MYR 2,560.00
Right: daffodile spike (160 mm): MYR 5,990.00 – too high for walking, meant for short-worn

http://www.alex-tan.com/blog/2013/03/28/wedding-celebration-pei-yong-kah-wang (Mar 2013)

Art Director / Photographer: Alex Tan | Gown: Vera Wang | Heels: Christian Louboutin | 
Venue: G Hotel Penang
golden high heels wearing on wedding
it is hard to walk
sweet pastal pink for wedding
Very Prive (120mm) | Price: USD845.00 – Peep toe more suitable for large foot, more comfortable with a slight platform
Monsieur Louboutin believes that every woman’s closet should include a pair of “Very Prive.”

Website: http://asia.christianlouboutin.com
Add: #02-10, Ngee Ann City | 391 Orchard Road 238874 | Singapore | Singapore
Tel: +65-6732 2813
Email: CLSGNA@peddergroup.com

Opening Hours:
Monday-Sunday: 10:00 to 21:30

Ref: walkwellstaywell.wordpress.com, comfortshoesandorthotics.com

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