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Makeup by Munie Ahmad

Traditional wedding make up emphasizes on prominence; thick brows and eye-lining, blood red lips, rosy cheek and so on. Too much is not necessary good here. Instead a simple and fresh style would look more appealing.

Munie Ahmad is an expert in natural looking bridal makeup. Talented, nice, very good in public relations, working and communicating with Munie is a breeze. You just have to keep her updated about your preferred look, or the wedding theme, she will come equipped with all the necessaries such as complementing accessories. It gives you the peace of mind to have such a neat and organized person as the MUA on that special day. 

tudung bride, holding flower
Before and after
If you don't like heavy makeup
Natural Makeup that accentuates the features, not overdone
eye shadow blue
Smoky eyes
pick dress malay wedding
More dramatic makeup
ball of pearl flower bouquet

Samples of makeup posted by a bride on her blog.

munie ahmad makeup
Outdoor photoshoot in Melaka
Makeup and hair by Munie Ahmad
amazing job fully satisfied
Makeup and hair by Munie Ahmad
“She done her job amazingly. i am FULLY satisfied. Everyone loved it.”

Jul 2011
i really love her makeup. well, she’s maybe bad in updating her website, but i must say that she’s an expert in creating a natural looking makeup. Nikah and reception makeup by Munie Ahmad.
Apr 2011
lets talk about make up by MUNIE AHMAD. she was the person who dolled me up during my nikah, khatam al-quran and berinai ceremony and also my johor reception. she done her job amazingly. i am FULLY satisfied. hubby loved it. mama loved it. sisters loved it. everyone loved her touched. ^_^
munie was so NICE in person. VERY-VERY good in PR. and very TALENTED. working with munie was tersangat-sangat senang. i just email her my favourite look and my theme and she prepared the rest such accessories. most importantly she was sangat NEAT and ORGANIZED with her work such her schedule, her make up tools, accessories, payments, etc.
Apr 2010
the MUA is Munie Ahmad. majlis nikah awal (kol 9 pagi okay). jadi Munie dtg awal tau. kol 7:30 dah sampai. photog sampai, Munie dah hamper siap buat mata. (mata mmg acik nak kaler light je. Munie memula nk letak kaler gelap sket tapi acik x kasi. sbb acik nak ‘fresh look’. itu sebab mekap mata acik x heavy =) )acik sukela Munie mekapkan acik. sebab
1) die perempuan, acik perempuan jugak. jadi selesa sket.
2) die ni teliti orangnye. mekap lembut je & halus je.

Munie Ahmad

mongolian eyes mua

FB Page:
Tel: 013-385 6588
Rates (2011):
per session for Nikah: RM350. Reception: RM450

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