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Milan Bridal House Penang

Finally a BS in Penang for the Penangites. Most BS in Malaysia basically adopt the same concept of attracting soon-to-be married couples with package deals. I personally think you can strike a better deal in term of price up north in Penang. Milan Bridal House offers a range of customizable wedding themes such as romantic, fantasy-like, stylish, elegant, traditional, Victorian, minimalist, contemporary… The grooming and photo-shooting  styles can accommodate individual’s preference and reflect their personalities, described the house manager Chew Wooi Ee.

Customers adored their photography. Some signed up with this BS to own a copy of the special themed album which contains uniquely designed images from the photo-shoot. How you are dressed up, the make-up style, backdrop will define what genre the photos will turn out to be. Put on a thinking cap and work out the details that you want before signing up. The rule of thumb is always have the terms in black and white. There’s always room for negotiation 🙂 You may want to focus on the aspects that you care most.

There are restricted choices of wedding and evening gowns, not a major problem if brides could find gowns with the quality and designs they desire. The designer gowns collection may incur extra cost if it’s not already included in the package.
Milan’s MUAs: Kelly, Vicki
PGs: Kenny, Chew
(Wedding Acronym)

bride looking at camera wooden house
milan bridal house
pretty dress for pre-wedding photoshoot
Aik Soon and Chai Wei’s Prewedding Photo. Isn’t her dress lovely? Other girls find it captivating too. See below.
catwalk bridal gown
Left:  Blogger/ model at a bridal Fashion Show wearing a gown from Milan Bridal House
Right: Kean Heng & Sze Ni’s Pre-wedding photoshoot by Milan BS. Photo taken from their video.
koren style wedding photos
Korean Concept

actual sample bridal house photos

Wedding Theme:

cute pose
groom looks like girl
sweet wedding photo
acting cute poiny mouth like rabbit

Video: Photoshoot and Behind-the-Scene

Kean Heng & Sze Ni’s pre-wedding (June 2012) by Milan Bridal House on Vimeo


@ Dec 2011:
Rachel Ong says:
“The pictures look amazing but the down side is there is a very limited choice for the gowns.
So we just paid extra to top up to have Designer gowns. But altogether everything looks great.”
“The gowns are just OK. They don’t look bad anyway, that’s what’s important.”
yeo says:
I agree, they do have a very limited choices of gowns. This is why I did not sign up with them.
Chelsea says: 
I just talked to them. Their SA is very comfortable to talk to and I saw some sample photos which looked amazong.
jaden says:
“We signed up with them recently and here is the package offer:
Package : RM2699
PS (Indoor + Outdoor)
6 gowns (flexible – WG, EG or TC) – all VIP range
coats for groom to suit gowns
Albums & Photos
12 x 15 album
8 x 12 album
(Total for the above albums = 52 poses)
20 x 24 enlargement photo
1 WG + 1 EG
1 groom’s coat
1 hand bouquet
3 corsages
with some free gift items”
mna @ Jan 2011 says:
“I was attracted to Milan’s theme book lo, fyi, you will have this theme book regardless is 3888 or 2k plus package.”

Milan Bridal House

FB Page:
Add: 26-B, Jalan Bagan Jermal, 10250 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +04-2288918 

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