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MUA | Ally Choong Make Over

I first mistook Ally for a MUA (Wedding Acronym) from Seremban as she had a fair bit of her clients coming from Seremban or Negeri Sembilan. Until I was informed by one of WEDresearch’es readers that she is located in PJ. She does provide bridal makeup & hairstyling services in Seremban as well as klang valley. I categorize Ally Choong’s style as artistic and natural. The makeup doesn’t look too thick and at the same time the result is pleasing to the eyes.

List of Makeup Artists and Hair-stylists

She is also a body artist. If you loathed the Seni Lukis subject during school days, then you probably won’t be able to do this. The canvas she paints on is someone’s body, it must be rather challenging I believe. Kudos to her hair-styling as well – very intricate and beautifully done.

vava voom bride
Hanz and Pauline’s wedding (Nov 2011). I think the makeup suited Pauline so well it is magnificent -Va Va Voom!
Chin Yang and Sook Chen’s wedding (Feb 2012) at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort
look which was sweet, the eyes beautifully enhanced. For the wedding dinner, Ally showcased her talent in body art and gave Evon a flower band painting, instead of her putting on jewelry.
Evon & Tee’s wedding in Puchong and Seremban (dinner) on 20 Nov 2011. Left: Photo of Evon before makeup. The bridal look which was sweet, the eyes beautifully enhanced. For the wedding dinner, Ally showcased her talent in body art and gave Evon a flower band painting, instead of her putting on Label:jewelry.
wedding makeup and hair
Chai Leng’s Wedding (Dec 2011). She commented Ally’s makeup as “natural yet elegant” (below)
Dolly Tan Seeburger’s wedding. She got lotz of compliments about the makeup done by Miss Ally Choong. Comment below.


Chai Leng @ May 2012:
“ya i am 1 of her client,can refer to my photo at her page
she has a magic hand make my day so special…i like my natural yet elegant look!!! she is punctual,listen to what i need & give some advice. recommended!!! And she has great hand in body art.”
Dolly Tan Seeburger Jan 2012:
“Just want to write a testimonial for Ally Choong. She did a really good job for my wedding ceremony and reception as well 🙂 Thanks for making me feel pretty. Got so much compliments! ”

Ally Choong Make Over
Website: http://li-colors.blogspot.com/
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/allychoong.makeover
Email: c_lih@yahoo.com
Tel: 016-3181648
Rates for 2 sessions: RM900 – RM1200

  • carmen
    June 17, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    hi, do you know how much is her package for 2 bridal makeup and 2 hair-styling?

    • Le Ann
      June 19, 2012 at 1:22 am

      hi Carmen, I don't think I know her rates. Does anyone know and would like to share how much does she charge for 2 sessions?

  • Anonymous
    July 3, 2012 at 3:48 am

    roughly RM800-Rm900 depend on location.

  • Chaery Yap
    June 3, 2014 at 6:00 pm

    Morning Session:
    1. Ally Chong complained my room not enough socket plugs
    2. She doesn’t bring her own extension wire
    3. No manners in talking (a bit of insulting my family members for everyone are single eyelid)
    4. Ally not result oriented to my big small eyes – single eyelid
    5. Bad voice tune – not friendly – not smiling – senior citizen in my house don’t like cool black face

    Evening session:

    1. Make-up Room – Usage by others were not allow by Ally Choong
    2. Once again, she doesn’t bring her own extension wire
    3. Once again, 1 big 1 small eyes – so obvious even after make-up
    4. Once again No Manners – The way she spoke quite rude on that day
    5. Afraid we don’t return back her hair accessories

    After sales service – period from 26 May 14 to 3 June 2014
    We group chat in Whatsapp requested her to send us the photos on 26th. Next day we msg her again, she replied “Err”. Hubby asked her “what is Err supposed to mean?” she replied “I am working now, not free”. Hubby replied “we don’t ask you to send immediately”. I replied to her “Everyone is working now. Pls do not drag too long for sending us the pictures, at least update us when you will send”. She replied that will fb and tag us only when she free.

    1st June – haven’t send, we msg her
    2nd june – no reply, we msg her
    3rd June – we have enough patience and chase her for photos. Finally after dragging two weeks now only I got my photos. In the same time, she mentioned is not her responsibility to send photos. We should asked from our photographer. She promised me that she will send my photos on 18.5.14 she took. Now this is what she said.

    She said “Although you are customer no mean that u can order me for every thg. As a make up artist I think I have finished my job, I do not owe you. You need to chase photos from your photographer but not me. I hope you understand that.”

    • Chaery Yap
      June 3, 2014 at 6:01 pm

      During my pre-wedding photo session, I have never met the MUA too. However, she is nice and friendly with good hair styles. But this time I have met the impolite and unfriendly MUA.

      In conclusion, please choose carefully for your MUA. Other than make up and hair styling skills, have to look at their communication skills and customer service attitude too.

      Please do not judge their blog, their photos in their facebook or blog only. Meet them up.

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