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MUA | Doris SP

A newer version of blog post on Doris SP.

She is a Taiwanese who made Malaysia her permanent home. DorisSP has been a professional bridal makeup artist for over ten years. Her experience and skill brought her contented customers who continuously praised her for the excellent result on their big days.

The makeup is sufficiently heavy to make the brides stand out under camera flashes and none of them complain it’s cakey. Doris uses a big variation of hair accessories, it’s no wonder she owns an online accessories shop, Hanada Paradise. I believe she has a bigger collection, you just have to discuss the hair pieces or style of your preference for her to create your desired look. Her charges are not exactly cheap, have a trial run and if you are happy with the result, go for it. It is a once a life-time thing anyway.

before after doris sp
glam look
cover up
cover up pimples
very big set of eyes
sweet bride
Pictures taken from Doris SP’s websites: before & after comparison, bridal looks
sexy look
MUA: Doris SP, PG: Grace (Stories)

comments and discussions:
Jesse @ May 2011 says: 
“I am glad to introduce my MUA ( Make-Up Artist), Doris for my
pre-wedding shoot. I really like her touch as she wouldn’t make you
looks like Marilyn Monroe or Lady La La ( I don’t mine if I do look like
Princess Diane..HAHA). She will keep asking if I am okey with this and
that or what type of make up or hairdo that I prefer. I do love all the
touch-up on me cause I look so natural and not overdone. Doris is
actually a Taiwanese. So you might have language gap with her if you
totally can’t speak mandarin.”

sungurl83 @ Nov 2011 says:
“what about my MUA? Doris-SP…she’s done great on my actual day…highly
recommended for all brides-to-be…u gals can visit her website for
more information & reference.”
alisson chee  @ Nov 2011 says:
“Every one also hope that herself can be a wonderfull, gorgeous & a
pretty bride. Doris SP is the only answer & is your solutions who
able to help you fulfill your any requirement. Doris SP, she is just
excellent among the others make up artist (M.U.A.) I have do many
research for the M.U.A. during the time l’m preparing for my wedding.
Maybe I’m a person who are a bit high requirement, many M.U.A. blog,
webpages, facebook i have been review but still can’t find one who can
fit my requirement. Hehehe. Untill i found Doris SP blog, 1st time i view her blog & the 1st feeling to me is like woowww….. she is amazing. Her hand is like a magican can help you to transform, transform & transform. OMG….For sure every one will agree the way u look that day is a pretty & wonderfull bride. I was just like her so much.”
childish_gal81 @ Nov 2011 says:
“she was my MUA for my pre wedding photos it till a single bit..especially on my eye brow and eye makeup. She really enhanced my features very well without looking over did..double thumbs up!! Her creativity in hair do really amazed me…really recommended..btw, i heard she already left Monliza and now a full time makeup artist on her own…Anyway ,wish her all the best..highly recommended for the bride to be..”
CuteCuteDream @ 2011 says:
“Woman looks most pretty on their wedding day. its 100% correct provided that you have a good MUA. I did it with Doris SP. oops.gif Haha, sound like i’m selling Chinese Medicine (膏药)here. Try it only u know. I still remember when i shown Doris’s blog to my mom and sis, they were so surprise with all these Before & After looks in her blog.”

Doris SP Makeup
FB page:
Tel: 012 3715052
Rates: about RM1688 for 2 sessions (morning + reception), additional RM200 for staying back (touchup+hairdo)

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