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MUA | Ester Chun

Ester is a hardworking lady. Started her profession in 2006, she has been featured in magazines, MUA (Wedding Acronym) for TV/ road shows, events and of course weddings, participated and won Label:beauty/ makeup competitions. Makeup trends change every year, however there are no rules to govern how eccentric it can go. Having been involved in creative, so called Avant Garde makeup herself, Ester is an experimenter of bold colors and innovative techniques. The unconventional can one day become the norm, who knows. Of course wedding is a formal occasion to many and brides usually want to play safe. However a tinge of creativity might brighten up your look.

who engaged her have expressed their appreciation for the
job well done. She is the hot topic now on widely visited Malaysia Brides forum. Ester excels at creating the look that satisfies her customers and their family/ FMIL, “yi-ma-gu-cheh”. That shows she is such a versatile MUA. Her capability is indisputable because 10 out 10 of her clients approve her skill. Her rates are Label:reasonable as well. To me, she makes hassle-free hair which sits in one place and there’s less vitality to it. Just be communicative about your desired style, and you will end up a gleaming bride. Ester Chun is definitely a great option which fulfill the skill, service and price factors.

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ester chun wedding makeup
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Comments about Ester:
Magic_moon @ Oct 2010 says: 
“just wanna sharing my experience with my MUA – Ester Chun. She
punctually arrived my hse at morning 6am lei…but Im still haven’t ready
yet, she still patience to waiting for me…(feel so “pai
sei”)..hehe…finally done at all, I very like the overall makeup &
hair do, & she had special do the hair accessories for matching my
wedding gown. As for the dinner, the first hair do was princess look to
match with my can can wedding gown..For the second gown, it is a simple
& elegant look to match with abit chinese style gown. ..Overall, I’m very satisfy with her service. Not sure how to express my gratitude to her ..With her great make up skill, I feel so confident that night, I received so many compliments that night … Her price are reasonable and negotiable. Highly recommeded to all bride to be”
angellove @ Oct 2010 says: 
“My MUA is Ester Chun too. She is really great, done the good job on my actual day, love her so much.” 
aRwan @ Oct 2011 says:
Ester Chun is my MUA for my big day..She did a fantastic make up and hair styling for me.. *Thumbs Up* Must try her !!!! You may browse thru her job in this link :
angel12 @ Mar 2012 says: 
“Im so happy to had Ester Chun be my AD MUA on my wedding day because i
booked her very early bird on last year. I really love her work so much,
she done the awesome makeup & hair do on my big day, received alot
compliment from the guest during my wedding 🙂
Beside that she is really friendly & nice MUA, help me arrange all
the rundown too…really thanks her help so much.
highly recommended to all bride to be. “
Wind_s says: 
“She did a marvelous job for me on my AD make up day. She’s very nice and
skilled. I like what she did for my day and night make up..Lot of my
guests commented my makeup is looked really natural. Everyone said I
gorgeous!! I’m satisfied with her work on my wedding. “
cat23 says:
“I used Ester as my MUA for our engagement photo shoot last year and
we’re very pleased with her work. She was the most reasonably priced of
all the MUA I’ve enquired and she’s also a very nice girl”

Ester Chun Makeup
Tel: +6012-275 2488
Location: Sunway Giza Mall Kota Damansara
Blog and Booked dates:
Rates: ~RM900 for 2 sessions

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