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MUA | Jess Wong’s Dress Up Room

2 sessions from RM800 | Brides nowadays disapprove heavy makeup in favor of more natural look. Finding the suitable makeup artist for the job can be fairly difficult. With superabundant and unattested options available in the market, you’d be worried you pick the wrong person. I have recently come across a MUA who is able to enhance the bride’s eyes beautifully in a natural way. Jess Wong of Dress Up Room has been in the makeup and beauty line for 5 years and counting. With her experience she carefully matches the bridal styling according to her clients’ personalities. Before the wedding day, Jess will communicate with the bride to find out the style she prefers, examine the gowns she is going to wear, then meticulously mix and match the accessories and bridal fashion.

great mua

Dress Up Room now offers the “Air Brush HD makeup Package” which means your makeup can be applied consistently on the skin. If you prefer a more polished and flawless look, this is the to-go package.

very good
Checking through her Facebook page I discovered Jess’s talent in creating a beautiful pair of sparkling eyes. The eyes will directly affect the overall appearance. You can look younger and fresher without the dark eye circles, look cute and princessy with a set of enlarged eyes, sexy/ sophisticated with smoky cat eyes, etc. I believe there are no problems for the brides to look their best with Jess’s remarkable skills. Dress Up Room’s competitive advantage include delicate hair styling as well. The hair-dos are really nice, thanks to her partner who is an expert in hair-styling. Their bridal package comes with a makeup artist and a hair stylist to give you a comprehensive specialized care. Vivi is also a makeup artist herself.

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great makeup

jess wong
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Jess Wong’s customers chose her because her makeup and hairstyling are nice and natural which are not overly done. She provides professional suggestions based on her experience. Jess and Vivi are a speedy and easy to work with. On top of that, you won’t blow your budget, as she charges reasonably.
June 2016
Jess was great in doing natural yet elegant make up and hair do for my wedding dinner. She has her professional opinion on suitable hairstyle for each bride 🙂

Jan 2016
Highly recommended! Jess and Vivi are super nice and skilled at what they do. I love that that Jess uses neutral tones so that the makeup looks natural and clean. Vivi does wonders with hair (and there was no accidental scratching of my scalp while she was pinning up my hair! yay!). And, cos they come as a duo, makeup & hair is done in a jiffy!

Nov 2015
Hi, would like to share review about Dress Up Room.
Just did my ROM make up with Vivi last week. Altho she a bit late (10 minutes late), but I like her make up & hair do (very simple hair do as I just did ROM). My family and in law praise the make up as its not so thick (and I hate thick make up).
But the fake eyelashes quite fast loose. After 5 hours I did my make up, I just realized one side of my fake eyelash were loose. haha. But overall I like the make up & considering to use their make up for my actual wedding day. 🙂

Aug 2012

i’ve had a trial with jess wong a few mths ago (
she was punctual and very friendly. her charges are reasonable too

vintage classy

Jess Wong – Dress Up Room

your best choice

FB page:
Tel: 012-658 3303
Rates: 2 sessions of actual wedding day makeup/ hair starts at RM800
Services include makeup + hair and gown rental

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