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MUA | Suki Ng

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I am very excited to read such detailed description about how good Suki Ng is. On top of that, the satisfied ladies also uploaded photos of their bridal look to convince other BTBs (Wedding Acronym) they were not lying. Miss Ng’s portfolio is indeed impressive. Every bride wants to show off her best assets on the wedding day. Some girls look prettier with their hair tied up to exhibit the nice facial shape, eye bags properly camouflaged to accent the big but puffy eyes, or nose reduced with color toning to match a relatively smaller face. Suki can make your wish come true.

Her makeup and hair styling are chic and Label:modern. The hair looks so sleek, unlike conventional fashion where it is lifted like a tower with loads of hairspray. She uses dramatic eyeliner technique, natural to smokey eye shadow with soft lips. Need not worry about having oily Label:skin and your makeup smearing away under the hot tropical weather. With proper use of foundation, Suki creates the makeup that stay put all day long (as described by her client).

cat eye makeup
Cat eye makeup to go with a loose updo + carefully styled curly bun
reasonable price mua

very natural makeup

lovely eye makeup
Makeup that makes the eyes pop
Love this wavy half up/ down hair-do.
Love this wavy half up/ down hair-do.
soft hair

very refined bridal look

indian chinese makeup
Multicultural bridal makeup
green dress
kittenwishes commented on Suki gave her a natural, fresh makeup that didn’t smudge off
suchuenc @ Mar 2012 says: 
“I am writing to give my highest recommendation to Suki Ng, who I engaged
to do my hair and makeup for my wedding recently. She is a wonderful
MUA, excelling in both areas of makeup and hair. For the morning
session, she gave me a natural look, innocent rounded eyes and a big
elegant up do with a realistic fake bun. “
“She is punctual, dedicated to her work and caring to the client. The
majority of woman feels insecure about one or two features on her face,
and I am no different. She listened carefully to my comments and applied
makeup to reduce or add to those features, especially in the evening
where the lighting allows you to wear heavier makeup. “
“For all her talent, I say that she’s cheap at twice the price. RATING: 10/10 full marks with bonus prizes!”
HazelTan @ 2012 says: 
“My MUA is suki too… she’s very friendly & professional. oh yes.. and definitely punctual on my AD. I feel very at ease as she reminded me the night before my AD to sleep well and prepare myself on every aspect necessary. Then on my AD morning, she sms me letting me know she’s on the way, which I feel great about it as I can be certain she’ll be there on time. “
kittenwishes says:
“Suki is a very punctual person, and also communicate well with me days
before to check out the location. On the day time, she gave me a
flawless, matte foundation (i like that she gave me some highlights on
the cheekbones, nosebridge to bring out my face contour), orange
eyeshadows which instantly give me a fresh, natural look. I love the
clean eyeliner that line smoothly and neatly, which did not smudge even
until late afternoon without touch up, and most importantly clean, long
and curly eye fake eyelashes that looks so natural (i hate spider legs
but don’t worry, Suki hates it too). She teased my hair to give me a
voluminous puff to elongate my round face, with a cute curl at the back
to match with some fresh orange daisies i bought, gave it a lively,
bubbly feel. I have oily skin type, and I’m very glade that the makeup
stay put throughout the day without smudging off.
At night, she gave me a feminine curls at the side, and also she is
able to match my round eye shape, not to give me too much smoky eye
effect to look intimidating. It looks very natural and fresh throughout
the night, even before i remove my makeup after the dinner, the
foundation is still very much flawless.”

Suki Ng Makeup
Tel: 016-212 7244
Deposit: RM200 (non-refundable)
Trial session: RM80 (will be waived upon confirmation)
Stay back: RM200
about RM950 for 2 sessions

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