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WOW! November Che Bridal Makeup

Do you want a makeup that is perfect for your face and a unique + comprehensive hair-do to match? Look no further. November’s (that’s her name, I’m not referring to the 11th month of the year) work of art will amaze you. It’s so addictive, I was browsing through her wedding makeup blog page after page; attracted to the bridal locks with fashionable design which I have not seen before from other local MUAs, and the shining makeup that draws genuine attention. I think she excels in creating a look that would give you the big WOW factor…
For the following bride, November highlighted the nose contour to shape and sharpen it in creating a more graceful appearance. I am intrigued at how the facial features are transformed to stand out at the right places. The narrow phoenix-shaped eyes were sculpted away, widening them but retaining the natural sparkle. Every little detail has been thought of, the simple curved fringe and the side-swept soft long curls add the romantic essence.
natural beauty bride
Widened the narrow phoenix-shaped eyes. Created a graceful appearance. #magicaltransformation
every detail is well thought
Every detail is well thought of, for an amazing transformation like this one!
For the morning makeup, the bride was given the most sought after natural, dewy complexion with soft colors and a dainty updo with a flat side swept bang. The evening session’s hair styles were considerably difficult to accomplish, not sure how much time she spent, nevertheless they look perfectly gorgeous. One of them is almost like the royal crown braid with a twist. The modernized vintage fringe makes the hair more elaborate, so rich in detail. November captures your true beauty with her intricate styling and makes you the center of attraction on the wedding day.
twisted braid bridal
Complicated, gorgeous hair-styles
big fluffy hair
royal wedding tiara
Every girl wants a style designed especially for her, in line with their wishes and that enhances the natural attributes. We know the crucial measure lies in the technique of bringing out one’s pretty features. But do you know your own face well enough to identify precisely what area and how can the makeup artist start working on? I bet many of us still depend upon the expertise of a professional. The MUA you choose will be responsible for how amazing you look, so pick someone who you think can deliver your desired result.
November is an accomplished makeup artist with 10 years of professional experience. Her strength is in designing a sophisticated and fancy look that takes care of your needs. Short or long hair, big or small eyes, flawless or blemished skin, pointed or flat nose, bony or fleshy cheeks, her skill ensures a beautiful outcome that fits everything together perfectly. You can see the extra effort she puts into every assignment. From the cascades of intricately styled hair to the special eye makeup artistry, the colors and design add a beautiful dimension for photography.
perfect taking care of natural attributes
Every part is fitted together perfectly taking care of the bride’s natural attributes
short bridal hair pearl accessories
headdress curved fringe
relaxed long hair
bright sparkly eye liner

November Che – The Magic of Make-up
FB Page:
Add: 67-G Jalan PJU 5/20, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 019-313 7317


  • 1 make up & 1 styling for morning ceremony and 1 make up & 1 styling for dinner session: RM1500

*Including make up & hair, skin care, eyelash, wig, accessories, body foundation, color spray

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