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Nuptial Initial and terms

I was checking out some wedding forums and I came across postings with sentences that went something like this; “Me and my FH went to this BS in SS2 and I like the EG there. I heard their MUA is brilliant. My AD is on 28th Sept.” A little abbreviations certainly help. Here are some examples below. If you have more please add to the list by commenting. Thanks.

AD – Actual Day
CMT – Cut, Make and Trim
BF – Boyfriend
BM – Bridesmaid or Best Man 
BS – bridal shop/ bridal studio
BTB – Bride to Be
CS – Cheong Sam
EG – Evening Gown
FG – Flower Girl
FH – Future Husband
FI – Fiance/e or “Future Intended”
(F)FIL – (Future) Father In Law
(F)MIL – (Future) Mother In Law
FOB – Father of the Bride
FOG – Father of the Groom
GF – Girlfriend
GM – Groomsman/ Groomsmen
HM – Honeymoon
B2B – Husband to Be
MOB – Mother of the Bride
MOG – Mother of the Groom
MOH – Maid of Honor/ Matron of Honor
MTM – Made to Measure
MUA – Make-Up Artist
OTR – Off the Rack
PIC – Person in Charge
PS – Photo Shoot
PG – Photographer
PP – Post Processing
RB – Ring Bearer
ROM – Registration of Marriage
RTW – Ready to Wear
SA – Sales Assistant, the BS planner who will be assisting you throughout the service delivery process
SO – Significant Other
STD – Save The Date
WB – Wedding Band
WG – Wedding Gown
VG – Videographer

Chinese Wedding
Ballroom – 宴會廳
Malaysia’s most magnificent wedding hall – 馬來西亞最宏偉的婚禮大廳

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