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Closed: Oriental Banquet 東方喜宴 PJ

Wedding Package 2020: | Capacity: | For a list of other wedding venue options, pop in here.

I have shortlisted Oriental Banquet as a potential wedding reception venue. Went to the restaurant to look-see and lunch with my cousin who was here from Singapore. Section A: refer below, is a very nicely decorated hall, one of the grandest I’ve seen so far for a Chinese restaurant. Section B is opened for walk-in guests. If the wedding requires a bigger space, the partition in the middle will be folded up to join both sections. Including private rooms and other smaller areas, the restaurant could fit up to 800 people.

The banquet capacity for Section A is approximately from 25 to 32 tables. It has a tall stage and a big projector screen. Section A itself is without blocking pillars, however when the partition is opened up to create a larger hall, you will see pillars lined up at the center. The PIC (Nuptial Initial) assured me they will rent next door building parking space during weddings. PIC Peggy is nice and accommodating. You may want to inform your guests about this as there were nasty traffic incidents happening before caused by parking issues. I find the service quality above average and am very pleased with the food.

The reception hall is equipped with LCD monitors at the side to project your wedding videos/ montage. Sound system is not tip top and may require effort tuning or simply bring your own system! If you are up for a live band or something. Oriental Banquet, a perfect Chinese wedding location comes with contemporary setting fuses traditional style and food. Service is generally ok, but some complained about the wedding luncheon being too rush, waiters trying to clear the plates and get ready for the next event in the evening.

banquet hall of oriental banquet
Section A: Banquet Hall
oriental banquet
Section B: For walk-in customers| Sep 2014

Wedding at Oriental Banquet | Feb 2015 – watch Video | 2010nice hall with grand chandelier, high stage

wedding food


Dec 2016

I am here attending my best friend wedding luncheon. Firstly, very very terrible bad services. All servers face looks “unhappy” ,black face (脸臭臭),like we owe them something. Second, from the first course to the last course the waiter just keep rushing us to eat the food, keep on want to clear our main food plate and my plate that is obviously not finished with the food yet. Then we got no choice to let them clear and tell them to change the remaining food to small plate, like the first course still left 3 types of food, he just put 1 type of food to the small plate and the rest just waste the rest of the food. Thirdly, when the last course was just serve. The live band still singing and they already start cleaning everything include changing table cloth ,throwing table cloth infront of all of us and preparing setting up for the next set. This is very very RUDE and not presentable as some of us still enjoying our dessert.

Besides that, my wine glass that still have half cup of wine, while I talking on the phone, the waiter just keep my wine glass that I still want to drink without asking me. And I just can’t stop him from doing that. If you do not want to ruin your wedding or event please do not book this place. I am very disappointed with this restaurant as it is part of the oriental group.
Dec 2015
Good venue for wedding dinner. Quite grand and spacious.
Feb 2015
One of the unique wedding dinner menus ive ever eaten. Impressive flavoring. The only downside is a bit salty for me

Nov 2014

Totally disappointed with the services provided by this restaurant. I was the bride and had held a wedding luncheon in this restaurant. The restaurant has forgotten play our videography CD which the CD has recorded the process of my actual day where we intend to play it during the wedding lunch. The miserable incident start happening when the restaurant staff trying to play the CD. The CD not working properly where only showed the photos without the music (note: restaurant is liable to ensure the CD is OK before it present to the guest). The staff keep on trying to testing the CD on the big screen which it took about tentatively 15 mins. It makes me feeling sad and embrassing when they keep repeated testing in front of my guest which showing unrespectful to me & my guest. After trying several times, I told the emcee to stop it and they only continue the live band performance. The staffs not professional of handling this kind of circumstances, perhaps they should testing the CD in their own screen rather than testing in front of the big screen. Before we leaving the restaurant , one of the staff passed a CD to us, everyone of us thinking the CD is that the CD having problem when showing during the lunch. When we went back and open the CD and it makes us shocked is the CD is a videography CD and the making are very good not the one CD that showed during the lunch(note: the CD that having problem is belong to photographer CD). After we investigate from our photographer and videographer, both of them have passed their masterpiece to the restaurant. However, the restaurant only played the photograpghy CD which having problem but not the videography CD which is in good condition. Why the restaurant not play the videography CD while fixing the faulty photography CD? The only reason I can think off is the restaurant staff has forgotten the existence of the videography CD. This is totally unacceptable and ruined my wedding day terribly.

Additionally, I have been told by my guest the foods were served that day was very rush. The waiters had even cleared the plates and bowls quickly without asking the guests permission whether they have finished their meals. The wedding ceremony started from 12.50pm and ended at 2.45pm which just 2 hours event. Is it really that harsh in order for restaurant to prepare for the next wedding dinner???

Oriental Banquet PJ 東方喜宴

Add: 16, Jalan 19/1, Section 19, 46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7957 8488
Business Hours: Opens daily (including Public Holidays)
11.00 am – 3.00 pm
6.00 pm – 11.00 pm

Wedding package 2020 Oriental Group (Download here):

RM1288 – RM2288 nett per table 

Seating Capacity: 800 pax



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