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Keeping Up With the Trends | Penny Long Makeup

2 Sessions from RM900 | The advantages of having graduated from a makeup academy abroad are the makeup artist (MUA) gets the exposure and learns techniques different from what is available locally. Penny not only took courses in Malaysia, she also went to Taiwan to further her skills, in particular airbrush, the latest hair grooming, and makeup techniques with fusion of Taiwanese and Korean trends. The practical workshops and interactions allow the students who consist of different cultural background to develop together. I believe in that way, you can pick the best parts the knowledge and apply it to the makeup scene here.

The way a bridal makeup and hair styling is different from a normal for instance dinner, party makeup is that the former is more intense but in a natural manner. The bride has to stand out from the crowd. If done incorrectly, the makeup will go out of control and it ends up looking too dense. Penny understands the need of a Malaysian bride to look like a million bucks, also elegant at the same time. She is good at applying the right style to suit the individual comprehensively with the right intensity.

When searching for a good MUA, always look for one who strives to achieve the best results taking into consideration the bride’s requests. Penny is someone who works hard continuously to better her skill. She takes feedback constructively, positive or negative ones. Check out her FB page, you will see something that you like!

great bridal makeup
Penny is good at applying the right style to suit each individual as a whole

korean natural
Bridal makeup has to be more intense but in a natural way

lovely braids

nice hair

sweet makeup

smooth face


multi layers
pretty bride
The updo for a fashionista

yam cha session

Penny has the knowledge of the latest hair grooming, and makeup techniques with fusion of Taiwanese and Korean trends.

nice brows
Korean inspired eye-brow which is soft, youthful and more feminine, straighter, more extensive

Penny Long Makeup

penny long malaysia
Penny (left) graduating from the Makeup Course in Taiwan

Facebook Page:
Tel: 012-925 3634
Rates: starts from RM900 for 2 sessions of makeup (morning and reception)

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