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PG | Daren Chong

Clients of Daren Chong are impressed with his photography and work ethics. He would go the extra mile beyond his duty to optimize the result. Some other remarks were that he’s friendly, approachable, passionate about the things he does, professional and he delivers great service. He possesses the skill to put the couple at ease during photo-taking. Darren’s pre-wedding photo-shoot and editing skill is amazing, the actual wedding day photography is decent not as brilliant. Nonetheless he is on the fast track to success.

daren chong photography wedding kl

His packages include a video besides photo slideshow. He uploaded a few videos on vimeo: For a list of other wedding photographer options, click here

I found his work when I was researching for my wedding and was captivated hence this post.

Mar 2012
As for Daren, his photos are amazing and dynamic. But with great photos, comes great charges $$ Check out his masterpieces at

kimmie18 @ 2011 says: “Daren’s contact is You can also access his FB “Daren Chong Photography”.Daren took my pre wedding photos in Melbourne last year and my AD early this year. His service is superb as he’s not calculative and he goes the extra mile.He’s very easy going too! He made me 2 pre wedding slideshows and it contains video too, rather than just photos.”

leowjp Jul 2011 says:
“I got my pre n ad taken by daren. He is good. Worth it too… No regrets.”
Tempura says:
“i’ve met both Daren & Mun Keat and they are both friendly and
approachable…i like Daren’s pre wed style and Mun Keat’s AD
photography style…However given much consideration on time and
budget constraint i decided to hire the same photog for both my pre wed
and AD…i’ve picked Daren as i’ve heard alot of good remarks and
compliments bout him being not calculative, passionate and
professional…not that i’ve heard bad remarks bout Mun Keat but i’ve
heard he’s alwiz bz and timing is packed, that leaves little room for
meeting and discussion with him as communication is rather crucial for
wedding photography…”
“Just to share with you that I just had my pre wedding shooting by Daren
Chong and i’m truly impressed with his work & photography
style…he’s very easy to work with, approachable & professional
skye @ Apr 2011 says:
“i felt that Daren is superb with pre-wedding but just ok on AD shots. “

Daren Chong Photography

FB page:
Address: 47610 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 012-322 5553

dramatic super duper long veil, fun shot
Daren Chong’s pre-wedding collection: It’s very pleasant to gaze at pretty images like these. I like the first one, super dramatic!
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