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Photoshoot at lovely Putrajaya

Taman Botani Putrajaya

Taman Botani Putrajaya is the biggest botanical garden in Malaysia, it covers an area over 92 hectares. The park is divided into three sections – flowers, ornamental plants and preservation/ research purposes. There are also other parks and beautiful landscapes in Putrajaya which can serve as the locations for your upcoming pre-wed PS (Wedding Acronym). Remember to slab on some sunscreen, to protect your skin from excessive sun exposure.

putrajaya park for pre-wedding
Clockwise: Taman Botani, Taman Rimba Alam, Precinct 2-4, Taman Wetland

Photos by Loving Gallery Bridal Studio:

Pre-wedding Photography at Putrajaya Lake

Modern architecture by the lake

Wedding Photo shoot PutrajayaSeri Gemilang Bridge, Putrajaya – by Loving Gallery Bridal Studio 

seri gemilang bridge

Seri Gemilang Bridge at night


Putrajaya wedding photo at the garden

Landmark Structures

If you have been to Putrajaya you would not have missed the landmark structures; Seri Wawasan Bridge and the Putra Mosque neighboring a scenic lake view. Other fav spots are the Pullman Hotel and Putrajaya government complexes.

Locations in Putrajaya for wedding photos
Clockwise: Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel, Seri Wawasan Bridge, Perbadanan Putrajaya Government Complex, Putra Mosque

Photos by Two of Us Signature Studio at Moroccan Pavilion, Putrajaya:

Moroccan Pavilion Wedding Photography Putrajaya wedding photo shoot

Photos taken in Putrajaya by Robin Ng:

malay wedding couple
Putra Mosque
in front of istana
putrajaya stone wall
Photos by Robin Ng

 Photos taken in Putrajaya by Grace Tan (Stories):
pullman hotel
Pullman Putrajaya
bride is taller than groom
Pullman Hotel and Taman Botani – Grace Tan


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