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Photoshoot at Sekinchan

Sekinchan is a small town located at about 2 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur (after Klang-Kuala Selangor-Tanjung Karang).

Paddy Fields – Green or Yellow Backdrop

Sekinchan, which literally means “village suitable for plantation” in Chinese 适耕莊, lives up to its name as almost its entire landscape is covered by wide and well-irrigated paddy fields. This can be one of your stops but make sure you go at the right time of the year to get the scenery, mood and feel that you want. You can drive right beside the paddy fields on the roads connecting the a small village (Site A) located in the center of the Sekinchan paddy fields.

harvesting reaping transplanting paddy
Paddy plantation schedule for the best time to plan your wedding photo-shoot

Fishing Village

For views of a fishing village and boats drop by Bagan in Sekinchan. This fishing village is located along the river and a small seaport. You will find some new shop houses which are mainly seafood restaurants where the crew can have a delicious fresh seafood lunch.


Pantai Redang (Redang Beach), a hidden beach in Sekinchan is worth a visit. In fact, it is very near the seafood restaurants area at Bagan, so you can go to Redang Beach after a nice seafood meal. You can take an unbeaten track along the coastal line, away from the jetty, on the way you will find a nice and secluded spot for birding, especially egrets, waders, and terns. There is a Tree house at Redang Beach Sekinchan with swings and hammocks made from fishing net. Go there for the sunset shot, it will be amazing.

Pre-wedding photography Sekinchan

Hay stacks in Sekinchan during harvesting: Photo:

pre-wedding sekinchan
big tree nature selangor photoshoot
wishing tree sekinchan
Wishing tree?

sea view wedding photography
laterite road Malaysia wedding
Take the coastal track to Redang Beach
with lots of baloons on beach Selangor

away from city photography
Fishing village
great never ending view Malaysia
Wide paddy fields cover almost the entire landscape of Sekinchan.

like overseas photography location in Malaysia
After the paddy is harvested, the hays will be stacked and rolled up creating a very lovely backdrop
choose the right season for the photography feel you love

Capture the nice sunset at the beach
forest clean
rice production
Sekinchan provides high yields of Malaysia’s staple food, rice
life of fisherman
hay stacks
Rustic hay stacks




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