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Photoshoot in Fun and Scenic Taiwan by VIVI BRIDE

My hubby just told me his ex-colleague, who’s getting hitched bought a custom made wedding dress, flew to Taiwan for her pre-wed PS and paid for all the photos taken. It cost a bomb. Then I found myself busy researching for such overseas packages. Why didn’t I think of that? We could have planned a trip to Hong Kong or Taiwan, set aside the first two days for photoshoot and the rest of it sight-seeing the country. Reading the experience from the to-be-weds, I know they enjoyed the entire process. There are some very scenic and beautiful places in Taiwan for photo taking.

Customers returned from Taiwan seemed to praise Vivi Bride Taipei and its crew for the wonderful service rendered. They must have done an amazing job. Basically pre-wedding package includes the albums, gowns, photography, certain number of poses (shots) and other freebies. The BS will inform the customer what are the additional charges, like MUA’s (Wedding Acronym) service during the PS, transportation, courier costs, additional poses, extra hours, ampoules… It may occur to you that they are inclusive in the package, so some clients expressed dissatisfaction about the items being excluded.

All in all, with their excellent photography, high quality printing, incredible sceneries and fun adventure, the Taiwan package is something worth considering. Paying for the flight, accommodation, food, traveling and all is expected. There are two Malaysian branches namely Jalan Loke Yew and JB. The one at Jln Loke Yew did not receive as good reviews though. Some customers were unhappy about the unprofessional PGs and service. The smartest thing to do is to have every detail in black and white.

Calvin and Lynn’s Love Story
A Singaporean couple who traveled to Taiwan for their pre-wedding PS with VIVI Bride. You can browse through more pictures and fun episodes prepping for their wedding here: http://calvin-lynn.blogspot.com.
photoshoot in taiwa

yellow gown
purple gown
comments and discussions:
“Photographer: 徐sir=> Professional PG who really devoted his youth to wedding
photography. Under all that grey hair is actually a PG who’s only in his
30s! He lasted the entire 12 hours shoot without complaint! Amazing!
MUA: 梁总监=> Interesting MUA, talented in creating the many 造型 that I just
can’t find SG MUA this good! All accessories are his personal
Customer Service IC:佳琪/ 史店长=> Always follow up with our requests — changes to layout of the
photos, collection of the “deliverables”. Very friendly, great service
october.guy @ Sep 2011 says:
“my personal experience, better don’t sign up with vivi. the staff may
be nice and friendly, that’s their job requirement and especially a need
if you haven’t sign up. once signed up, you will find they are very
not flexible. so, if u really want to sign up with vivi, make sure u
have detailed out every single thing u wanted and get them write it
down, black-and-white!”
kancheong says:
“I took my pre-wedding pictures in taiwan this year, no issue also. Quite
flexible but I didn’t bargain for more photos(I blame it for being a
newbie at that time). During the expo at mid valley last year, they
already explained about every cost incurred so I believe its because
October.Guy did not ask properly but anyway, for my case, despite me not
asking…they explained(example: make up artist…whether u want
him/her to follow u out during ur shoot for different hairstyle, amount
to pay to the driver, suggestion for choosing location, what to do when u
arrive on the first night, when to collect the big picture for ur
bedroom…etc etc) and THEN we asked for more clarification on certain
things. “
KLM says:
“anythings i can said is vivi bride is a liar company , for go taiwan cheaper price can go to Rm4000,
for malaysia shooting can go to RM 2500. for those is get expensive this that means you are fool !!!
what can i said , services is super bad. wish don go there if who had signed the package of malaysia package,wish you luck , they using partime photographer. for taiwan package remember bring much money to add photo , at least rm10,000.if not u will get ‘good services’ “
SSP @ 2011 says:
“Their staffs all very friendly, but the package i sign actually not very satisfy(many things no include).”
alvwong @ 2010 says:
“The photo effect is just simply amazing, so natural n nothing beats it
in here… i don’t know maybe is our weather here, whereby our actual
day photographer told us that sun in taiwan
is not as strong n hot compared with here, also coz their professional
attitude towards the perfection n details, another strong reason there
is a assistant photographer on flash is always beside, he is the one
assistin the photographer on positions, costume neatness n jokejoke…
that really helps in getting ur tireness n stain away on a long day
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vivi bride taiwan
sexy bride
elegant bride
romantic night scene

Vivi Bride
SS2 Branch
No 2, Jalan SS2/75, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
TEL:+60 3-7876 6168
FAX:+60 3-7876 6166

Johor Bahru Branch
L2-92, Level 2, KSL City, No.33, Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
TEL:+60 7-289 1931

Add (Taiwan): 1st Floor, 108, paragraph 2 of Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City
地址: 台北市中山北路二段108號 1樓
Tel: +886-2-2581-6118 
Website: http://www.vivibride.com.tw
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/vivibride.tp
Email: vivibride@gmail.com

Additional info:

  • Anonymous
    July 11, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    We came here for a Taiwan holiday to save time and avoid miscommunication on all aspects of what we wanted,I spent more than a month communicating with the Taiwanese girl from the Taipei office.
    Arrived for the first time at Vivi bride with excitement but it turned to astonishment within a few minutes after meeting the photographer who does not only introduce himself but has not been informed about any details of our shoot,he then went on to ask for exorbitant fees for locations .
    Next day was even worse all promises were broken for eg.no new dress,no qipao,kept asking for money for everything ,nobody to escort us to try the male suits which are in a different shop.
    Day of shooting MUA Tian Tian was not communicative did not give the hair doo I wanted ,then charged 4500nt for ampules ,told for an extra dress it would be 3000 nt,she did not follow onto 2 locations just sat in the van,no initiative for any touch up during all outdoor shooting on a very hot day,have to be told to touch up husbands face,no lipstick applied only lip gloss even after asking,kept asking for me to buy eye lashes I did not want to buy
    The so called " experienced" photographer best in the shop is awful with catching the right angles ,his only poses are touch nose and touch chin,totally did not give us what we wanted with location and poses that we discussed b4 ,I was not given the bouquet of flowers until the third dress( had to ask for it the day b4 as they did not mention it)
    The assistant photographer was a very helpful young man who assisted with the HB clothing and poses the only bright spot of a very annoying experience( added by p off husband )
    Overall our 4 days here has turned out to be a vivi bride nightmare instead of a nice holiday,can not express how bad these people are highly recommend NOBODY use them.
    60000 Nt for only disappointment ,grief,and most importantly a waste of time ( we flew from Bahrain to get here)
    We strongly advise you to go to another shop as there are so many to choose from on that same street

    • Le Ann
      July 12, 2012 at 3:28 pm

      oh the experience sounds terrible. nonetheless it's very useful piece of information for future brides who intend to photoshoot in Taiwan. you have mentioned some important points to watch out for. Girls have to be wary and pick wisely.

  • Ee Ling
    November 1, 2012 at 1:22 am

    I've done my photoshoot with Vivi Bride,

    I did not do much research before I signed up for the bridal package. I first heard of it from my friends. They mentioned it is a taiwanese company which produces great photos. I came across them in the Mid Valley wedding fair, and since I have heard good comments from my friend before, we just signed up. I initially regretted my decision as I think there are lots of better ones around…

    They have Malaysian package as well as Taiwan package. From the photos taken at Taiwan, we were really impressed as they have a very pretty place called Miaoli where there is crystal/glass church, beautiful lake, pretty flowers.. but being aware of bridal studio's sales gimmicks,I enquired every little possible cost.

    For Taiwan package, be prepared to fork out lots more extra money. MUA, transportation, hotel, flights, entrance fee to the scenic place. Estimated to be at least 12k.

    For Malaysia's package, which I did, it was 3988. The only extra money I spent was for 2 ampoules at RM50 each and 2 extra photos at RM 120 each.

    I did not really expect a lot from the photoshoot, as I simply didn't do much research and since my friends mentioned they are good, they must be good..

    Good thing: I did not need to top up much money, I can choose any gown from their whole collection. They let me get 5 different gowns for photoshoot (I think in the hope that I will add more pictures in the end?)

    Not so good thing: I only got 30 poses. Actual day will only have 2 gowns. This shop use Chinese extensively. Being a banana, it is quite difficult at times, especially since the terms and conditions are in Chinese (we talked to the Taiwanese during the MV exhibition).

    The photographer I got is called Danny. He's not bad…

    Alright. The end results?
    I would say we were okay with it. I myself think it is not bad, especially when compared to more traditional bridal studios' pictures. This studio doesn't provide any indoor studio shoot. All the shoots are done outdoors. But after starting to do more research, I think there are lots of better ones around, especially those professional photographers that collaborate with small bridal studios or designers. But for the price I paid, ok lah…

    I posted a few of the pictures on my FB page and got lots of compliments! So, again.. nothing much to complain…

    The thing with bridal studios is, make sure everything in black and white, especially costs incurred so you know your expectations and real budget.

    • shi freda
      December 26, 2012 at 4:53 pm

      Hi Eeling,

      I've just signed up with them at KSL recently. They never mentioned to me about the poses throughout the sales talk… Anyway what did you get in additional? Do you mind if you can share your package with us? We are hoping to have the shot done in Malaysia.



  • Anonymous
    May 21, 2013 at 6:15 am

    Dear Lynn,

    I've signed up with VIVI Bride (Taiwan) too.

    May i know do the bridal shop recommend courier company, or we have to arrange our own courier to send our portriat back to Singapore? Pls advice.

    Thank you!

  • Liang Tsao
    November 29, 2013 at 2:34 am

    It’s an unforgettable moment on the wedding ceremony together with the unforgettable set-up where the place likes a paradise.

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