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Tips for Actual Day Photography with Pix Image Studio

It’s important to set your expectations with the wedding photographer on the key things you want to be recorded, think ahead about the shots that you like to capture. From the cozy moments with your family to the religious and cultural proceeding details, there are many ways these shots can be taken. It is good to share your ideas with the photographer of the day.

Pix Image Studio is truly inspired and competent in photographing the significant wedding events and at the same time is not intrusive. Generally Asian parents are not very expressive and rather reserved when it comes to expressing their emotions in public. Hence the sentimental moment between the bride and her parents before she is officially married is a precious scene to behold. It very much requires the professionalism of the photographer to create the mood for the trio to share this intimate moment without much interruption.
parents hugging bride
A precious scene to behold
final moment of being single
Self portrait of the final moment of single-hood

You want the small details such as the wedding dress, shoes, decorations, flowers, etc. to be monumentalized. The compilation of the wedding details by Pix Image Studio adds a beautiful dimension to the entire photo album. The result achieved is a classy mix and match of the object and the background’s color scheme taking into consideration the lighting. Therefore this is best done by a well-trained photographer. 

black background black shoes
An aesthetic composition of the wedding gown and shoes
backdrop for shoes

This shot of the groomsmen rushing into the bridal maiden house is priceless. Not only is the groom anxious to get his bride, the “brothers” entourage is as enthusiastic as well. The photo was captured at the instant when each of them was very excited… look at the expressions of their faces. Weddings are fun. A journalistic photo would remind you of how much good time your friends and relatives had on your wedding day.

let me in
In full vigor
we are happy for you
All the bride’s maids dressed up in themed color baby blue. They are happy for the bride.
catch catch catch
look at my face
Pose differently, playfully instead of the usual standing straight portraits

Not everyone looks good all the time. Hence choreographed portraits are effective in making sure your best angle and appearance are photographed beautifully. Set apart some time in between wedding ceremonies, events to seize the opportunity and pose in your fully decorated wedding venue or the lovely bedroom of the newlyweds. Alex of Pix Image Studio understands your needs, is friendly, responsible and a wonderful photographer. You will be in safe hands.

while in the hotel
Time to take some artsy shots. Get inspirations from the fashion magazine.
cozy corridor
Cozy corridor of the hotel
fetch the bride scene
Successfully fetched the bride!
lets pose

Apr 2014
thks a lot for your shooting wedding pics, awesome…

awesome pix
Jan 2014
Thanks for being our PG. You are really wonderful and friendly… Love your creativity in capturing pics…. Keep on the good work 🙂
Sep 2013
We would like to thank you for being a wonderful , friendly,resposible and easy-going photographer. We knew Alex from his facebook page. We did not meet up as we work oversea till few days before wedding and he understood our needs. He has been such a fabulous photographer to work with especially on our wedding day . Thanks once again

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