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Planning Your Wedding Entertainment

Best wedding band Malaysia my guests have ever heard

Rhumba‘s lead singers, each with unique style. Jacky plays more than eight western/ traditional musical instruments. 
The Raw Note has more talented front-liners with a big range of vocal flexibility compared to others. 

chinese traditional wedding live band Klang Valley

Hire  Eswest Music & Art for a fusion of graceful Western and Chinese songs.
fairy lights and potted plants

Charismatic Right Tone Music brings refreshing change to live performance, and customer experience. 
best jazz live band malaysia

Urban Tribes is the best choice because they are more technically inclined to do jazz, big band swing, neo soul, etc. for your wedding live performance.
incredible emcee many roles

The couple can have a well-organized, entertaining wedding reception without breaking a sweat, thanks to Cecilia Emcee.
best jazz live band malaysia

The special moment when objects will suddenly appear out of thin air and without anyone expecting it something magical happens.
fairy lights and potted plants

Plan an unforgettable wedding with inflatable tent, castle or even a bubble tent for a winter theme.
use fireworks, sparklers and smoke for entertainment

Fireworks for a dramatic wedding. Sparklers are fun and great for photos.
fairy lights and potted plants

Chalkboard, 3D flowers, gold foil or crepe paper fringes, hanging garden, potted plants, etc.
chinese wedding songs

Most of the Chinese songs played in weddings are Mandarin and a fair bit of Cantonese in the Klang Valley. 
emcee entertainment in a package

Some emcees sing very well, organize games for the couple, are extremely hilarious, and good in poetry recitation. 
jazz stirs up emotions

The effects created by Saxophone, a String Quartet musical ensemble or Jazz music are special.
plan your wedding live band

Plan early. Hire a reputable live band with good sound system and sound engineer. Let the professional advise you.
first dance in blue

Register for a ballroom dance crash course. Perform a touching love song, organize a Flash Mob or create your Growing Up Montage, etc.
photobooth frames

Pictures and videos of wedding entertainment ideas. Click in to be inspired.
wedding directory

sand art performance wedding

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recommended wedding live band Malaysia

recommended wedding live band Malaysia