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Please dear, we need a Ferrari to match your dress…

Part 2: Where to rent
a Ferrari in Malaysia. 

As promised, today’s
post is where we will focus on getting rental deals for a Ferrari in Malaysia.
We’ve covered Red Orca and Prestige Auto Solutions rentals on the last post here; so we will now walk through other rental agencies
that specialize in fast and furious driving machines!
We’ll start in no
particular order with Ace Rentals all the way from Singapore; but they only have
one model, the delicious 360 Modena F1. Why Singapore? Cause they allow the
cars to be driven into Malaysia; however, premium rates apply. You have to call
Ace Rentals up for further details. 
Ferrari 360 Modena F1 – Ace Rentals
15 Min Ferrari Rental – SGD250
30 Min Ferrari Rental – SGD400
60 Min Ferrari Rentall – SGD700
1.5 hour photo shooting + 30
min fun ride – SGD800
Special Offer – 1.5 hours Photo
shoot + 30 minutes ride at SGD800
Ferrari F430 KL Car Rental
Daily: RM 12,000.00
Weekly: RM 35,800.00
Daily Rate:RM9000.00
Next up is KL Car Rental  and they carry a Ferrari F430. Pretty steep prices
if you ask me; perhaps another half a carat on the diamond ring!? J Now, Zul Automobil also spots an F430 at a
much cheaper rate of RM9000 per day. The catch is; he doesn’t have a website, just
an online advertisement with his full contact and address – so caveat emptor!
Looks like the Ferrari
list is a bit short with only 5 entities found and only 2 models; perhaps the
brides are thinking that this is not necessarily a baaaaaaaad thing 


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