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Posh Wedding Bridal Shop @ SS2

Posh Wedding has a team of very talented photography and makeup team. Photographer, Sky Sun in particular is very friendly, funny, helpful, professional and has been described as top notch. The team puts their customer first and ensures that they have a great photo-shooting experience. One of the couples got a free gown upgrade from SA Qiqi who provided good customer service. Elaine on the other hand did not perform as well. Generally they are not pushy and will help you to select the best photos instead. Make-up artist, Alice and SA Alicia are good.
What’s bothering some customers are the manager/ SA named Tommy who appeared to be rather impolite when dealing with the couples. Someone said he left Posh Wedding. You can choose all the gowns in the shop except the custom-made ones, if they tell you, you are free to pick any gown, check first. The gowns included in the package might not be as good quality as you expect. If you don’t like too much of photo-editing, do let them know.


Jun 2013
Hey Le Ann, so far I am satisfied with their service. my PG was Sky, he’s a very friendly and funny guy. Helped us a lot on the shooting day. Very professional.
When it comes to wedding gowns, we do not need to nego for upgrade because we can choose all the gowns in the shop except those custom made ones. But i did not take their advice on which gown to choose, cuz they seemed to promote their old gowns more! >.< but they didn’t force me to take their old gowns when i decided on their newer gowns.
During the time we picked our photo, they didn’t push us to add photo at all! I am very surprised by this, as most of the bridal shop would push and do hard sells during that time. When we mentioned that we do not want to add anymore photos to the album, the person-in-charge did her best to help us to choose the best pictures!!! =)
However, it took us 2 months to see our picture designs… which I find a long time to wait!
Overall, it had been quite good with POSH. Although they have their flaws. Oh ya, if you are particular about photos, you might not want to come here. My photos are very standard, nothing special.
BTW, My package is about 4K. Hope this review helps!
Mar 2011 – Jan 2013 (combined comments)
POSITIVE COMMENTS: i engaged them for my pre-wedding last year: Their teams were superb. Sky the photographer, together with his assistant were very good – we started shooting from 12pm till 11pm and all they had is a doughnut and a drink. I’m happy with the photographs which is great even without touch up. But just be careful with the person who did the touch up as they were outsourced by the company and they went way overboard with the touch up. The consultant, Qiqi, was also very nice and gave me free upgrades of my AD gowns. I do agree though that there was one guy who was very pushy. But we don’t deal with him most of the time, so it was ok.
Here’s my package 3388 (Mar 2011):
5 gowns for photoshoot
2 gowns for AD
20 pages big album
1 big photo frame
2 smaller photo frame 9about A4 size
100 jimui pics
100 softcopy
1 slideshow DVD
1 signature book
But I did top up RM299 as entrance fee to take the airplane shots. We also top up about RM600 for new tailormade coat and pants for my husband. The coat need to be returned but he can keep the pants.
The photographer was top notch, SKY – Malaysia photographer. but its just such a waste such good photographer / make up artist and his camera assistant is working with a company with such bad management.
i get my pre wedding with POSH also.. i was satisfied with the service when i took pictures in taiwan, the photographer named jeremy huang. He is outsource photographer by POSH kl. He and his team very nice and helpful 🙂 But i dont like the services provided by KL POSH. They have no patient and not helpful.
My photographer is 恭鉻. He is a very nice guy.

NEGATIVE COMMENTS: manager, Tommy love simply increase d price n shouting behind you like a gangster, luckily I still not pay d deposit,I really remember d way he approach me n talk to me,really harassing me,at d end just walk out,and wanna know more about their gimmick,just email me, like what kind of paper they are using ….and more and more,their clothing, gown…don’t trust their album…just email me. Watch out for this guy name Tommy and his wife Pei Yee or something.
after we sign the package and paid the deposit, everything that they promised has changed. When we went to their bs for gown choosing, many of the nicer gowns need to add money. They do not honour their words. They say that they do not have category for the gowns, but some of the gowns need to add money. All their gowns that is included in the package is not nice and outdated! The nicer gowns need to add additional cost but it is not worth it as their package is not cheap and even if you add the cost, the gowns are not as nice as other bs! We have met few staff which are nice and polite at first but most of them are resigning. One of the staff name Elaine is bad service.

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Posh Wedding
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Add: 207, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel : 03-7875 6133
Mobile : 017-689 6133
Fax : 03-7875 6233
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Skype : posh wedding_operation ss2


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