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Tag: Wedding Venue Melaka

Jun 26
Lim Tian Puan L.T.P. Restaurant | The Taste of Melaka Chinese Cuisine

From a humble small restaurant located at Jalan Pengkalan Rama 50 years ago, LTP…

Aug 07
Grand Banquet Hall Lucky Palace Melaka

Little did I know that Melaka has one of the grandest wedding halls in Malaysia.…

Sep 12
Wedding at New Lagoon Restaurant (海港城) Melaka

Wedding venue information of Malacca is scarce. Here’s one. The New Lagoon…

May 27
Majestic Wedding at LaCrista Hotel Melaka (formerly Avillion Legacy)

The majestic Avillion Legacy Hotel now known as LaCrista Hotel Melaka in the UNESCO…

Mar 21
Holiday Inn Melaka Weddings

Package 2020 here. International Branded Holiday Inn Melaka Hotel is located in the…