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Pre-Wedding Photography in Tokyo, Japan – Preserved Culture in a Big City

Tokyo Early Spring Pre-wedding Photographer : The talented Jackal Cheng LMPA
Makeup Artist : Jocelyn Tan | Gown : Shiny Gowns

Early spring is the time when trees are starting to leaf out, some lawns are still pretty dry, which is suitable for rustic photography. The
current Imperial Palace (皇居, Kōkyo) is located on a large park area
surrounded by moats and massive stone walls in the center of Tokyo, a
short walk from Tokyo Station. It is the residence of Japan’s Imperial
Family. Visitors can view the Nijubashi, two bridges that form an
entrance to the inner palace grounds.

Nijubashi (Double Bridge) – Tokyo Imperial Palace. Rustic feel of the stone structures.

Early spring

A Must-do photography location in Tokyo, standing 333m high in the center of Tokyo, Tokyo Tower (東京タワー) is the world’s tallest, self-supported steel tower and 13 meters taller than its model, the Eiffel Tower. It is now the second tallest structure in Japan after Tokyo Skytree.

Shiba Park is Japan’s oldest public park, being the first to be officially designated as a park in 1873. Parts of the present day park were once the Edo-period Okubo clan garden. There are many nice views of Tokyo Tower from the park.

Artistic close-up shot

A must-do in Japan, taking photo with the iconic Tokyo Tower.
Nice view of Tokyo Tower from Shiba Park.

Sensoji (浅草寺, Sensōji, also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple) is a
Buddhist temple located in Asakusa. It is very colorful and popular and
is Tokyo’s oldest temple, famous for the huge lantern hanging from the
main entrance gate, its long path lined with stalls and its five storied

Sensoji, Asakusa Temple famous for its entrance huge lantern

The Tokyo Skytree (東京スカイツリー) is a television broadcasting tower and landmark of Tokyo. It is the centerpiece of the Tokyo Skytree Town in the Sumida City Ward, not far away from Asakusa. With a height of 634m, it is the tallest structure in Japan. A large shopping complex with aquarium is located at its base.
Azuma bridge is located on the opposite side of Sensoji temple, but can be reached from Asakusa Station within 3 minutes. It crosses over the Sumida river. The black building with the golden object on top is the Super Dry Hall (“Super Dry” being Asahi Breweries’ most popular brand). The golden object on top is said to represent the burning soul of Asahi Breweries, and was designed by French designer Philippe Starck in 1989.
This photo is taken across the Sumida River, The Tokyo Skytree, beautiful city skyline and the red Azuma Bridge can be seen.
The Tokyo Skytree and the various landmarks; The black building with the golden object on top is the Super Dry Hall of Asahi Breweries.
Lovely bridal style by Jocelyn Tan.

The Rainbow Bridge is an enormous suspension bridge that connects Tokyo with the man-made island of Odaiba.

The classic (never ending) veil shot with the backdrop of The Rainbow Bridge.


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