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Precious Bridal Gallery SS2 PJ

Positive feedback: SA was very helpful during gown selection, assisted in finding the suitable gowns. Satisfied with the MUA and PG, went with their professional ideas. The PG and MUA worked hard continuously even though it was raining when shooting outdoor. Photographer Mr Chin and assistant were very patient, dedicated and funny. MUA was punctual. No rushing or pushing from the SA to buy more photos during photo selection. Experience with this bridal shop has been good, got a good package deal from the wedding fair.
Negative feedback: Gown selection is limited, especially outdoor evening gown. Took 5 hours just to choose 4 gowns. The shop did not call to confirm the appointments, the client had to call the day before to confirm. Improvement needed in this area. Shooting appointment was delayed twice.

KNOT Concept

Precious Bridal’s KNOT concept photography is based on a special theme or a story that represents the couple. Was there a scene in the movie that you’ve watched which you wished you were in it? Or there’s something that you always wanted to do but have not got the chance to do it yet? Now you can with KNOT by Precious. I first saw it during my cousin in-law’s wedding. It’s really unique. 
boy meets girl bridal shop
Boy meets girl – by fate?

pre-wedding precious bridal
One of the favorite dating places for students – Library. 
60s worker meets rich girl
taman tun shooting
At Taman Tun
dancing pre-wedding
at Pavilion KL
temple pretty kissing
Destination wedding in Bali
multiple images put together
korean concept pretty handsome
Korean Concept photography
Video and photos highlight of Edmond and Stella’s wedding day/ dinner/ pre-wedding

Nov 2017
Ok staff but not flexible after paying deposit. Lotsa BS and excuses. Not professional.
May 2017
fun and beautiful. First choice.  Good services. Trend fashion.
Dec 2016
Many dress available

Apr 2015
The price was within our budget (RM 4688) and reasonable for the gazillion things bundled inside the package. The staffs are very friendly and they were supportive. The photos taken are really beautiful and they do not look too much edited too. Lastly, the shop have a decent number of outfit choices even for our body size (both my fiancé and me are bulkier than the average :)), and they patiently let us try their collections to match what we want the most.
The makeup artist did such stunning makeups and hairstyles for both of us. She was really gentle and she asked a lot if we had any preferences or requests. 

Jul 2014
MUA Sharon: She was spot on with the hairstyles, made me looks like Hong Kong actress in their glamour form. Really thumbs up for her. As for the makeup, she went for a natural look with emphasis on my big eyes. Yes, my super big eyes that I never had before. LOL. Photographer Dic: He gave directions and he knows what he want to achieve in the photos. He took time to understand what was our requirements and what we wanted to achieved in photos. A very hyper guy and has lots of ideas. I love all the photos that Dick had taken- FUN yet ROMANTIC. All were quite natural and sweet. He managed to capture the “FEEL” that we wanted.

May 2013
Bridal Gallery of Ever After here, EA has changed to Precious end of 2009. So far, my experience is good.
1.I am happy with the package I get, RM2988 + RM500 voucher + PM session AD photographer, got it in the fair 🙂
2.The gown not much choices, especially the outdoor night gown. You can upgrade the gown. But the BA helped me a lot in finding the gown that suit me, I took 5 hours just to choose 4 gowns ;p
3.The gowns do not fit me at all during the PS, luckily the aunty manage to fix it immediately before the PS.
4. I am satisfied with the MUA and photographer, totally leave to their professional as I am not good in these, so I just follow whatever idea they gave ;p
They never call to confirm on the appointments, I myself will call them up the day before to confirm it. This is the part that I think they have to improve to serve better.

Aug 2012

We opted for a rather economical package for our pre-wedding photo shoot. Actually, our appointment for shooting was delayed twice, firstly few dresses were unavailable and the second time was our photographer need to go overseas. The make up artist was punctual. Make up took bout an hour plus and we had our first shot outdoor in Titiwangsa. Mr Chin is our photographer. Very patient and funny guy. So is his assistant. Both of them were so dedicated. Wiped endless sweat off my fiancé like a million times. Guide you into every pose.
red dress
pooipooihun.blogspot.com: After changing the hairstyles, she felt like the scalp was going to peel off, painful!
mr chin and assistant
Dedicated, patient and funny photographer, Mr Chin and his assistant.

Precious Bridal Galley

ss2 popular wedding shops

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/PRECIOUS/230224139899
Blog: http://yourpreciousstory.blogspot.com
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Precious78774840
Add: 199, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7877 4840
Business Hours:
Mon: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wed – Fri: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sat – Sun: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

  • Alicia
    October 31, 2013 at 11:48 am

    Love the KNOT concept ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Anyone can share their package???

  • Eunice Leong
    June 3, 2014 at 3:53 am

    Hubby and I just finished our PS last week, so far had an enjoyable time with Precious and very excited to see the outcome of the photos taken. Wanted to post some positive comments on Precious as both of us thinks that Precious have provided what we wanted for our Pre Wed Photo very well so far.

    We did our research over this website as well as asking a few of our friends before going to the Bridal Fair. This website helped us a lot, and I hope that my comment can help others as well like me. DO GO THROUGH ALL THE POSSIBLE BRIDAL SHOPS BEFORE GOING TO THE FAIR, SO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO DEAL.

    Like the rest of the BTB that commented above, the gowns selection wasn't a lot but since both hubby and I are kinda of choosy on what I wear, we also took 4 hours just to choose 4 gowns. Am very happy with the gowns the minute I wore it and took photos during PS.

    We prepared a lot of props for our PS since we want the photos to be unique and also has our personality in it. MUA Yi Min was very friendly and she did not applied so much of hair spray in my hair. Changing hair style was a brief moment for me and without pain. As I found out from her later, the reason that some BTB have painful experience when changing hairstyle was because the hair was too fine/thin until MUA had to apply more spray to hold the hair in place. So, the process depends back on our hair quality during that PS.

    We had deal to have our PS separated to 2 days (1day Indoor and 1 day Outdoor), so on the the indoor session was our warming up session with our PG Holmes showing and guiding us all possible poses that he wanted us to do. We did show him what we like, so he tried his best to help us take the poses while changing a bit, so it will not be exactly the same as the one we showed him. Since both hubby and I are people who likes the outdoor and loves to relax, our Outdoor session was very enjoyable for us.

    Our VG Louis was cool at first but after chit chating with hubby, the boys got to know each other and started joking around, making the whole enter PS process a fun and enjoyable time for both of us. At the end of the PS session, we feel like it is an enjoyable outing with great friends. Hope that every BTB will enjoy their session with Precious like us.

  • siewmun
    August 18, 2014 at 7:01 am

    We would like to share our experience with Precious. The package to us was reasonable (the most basic package) and they stated everything up front, no hidden charges or whatsoever (i.e VIP gowns, ampoule, fake lashes). My sales supervisor was Joelle and she is friendly.

    The white gowns are nice but the evening gowns are slightly limited. Nevertheless, we still managed to select the gowns for PS. On the PS day, our photographer was Dic while makeup artist was Sharon. Dic was friendly and quite funny. Both of them understood our requirement for makeup and photoshoot styles. Our requirement was “fun, happy and romantic” in natural way. The makeup was natural and the hairstyles that Sharon set for me were all good. I am very satisfied. Overall, we were really happy throughout the whole PS process.

    During the photo selection day, we had 420 photos to choose from. All the photos manage to show our happiness in it, very natural. Dic managed to capture the “feel” that we wanted. Most of my photos turned out beautiful while my husband was not so photogenic, so, he became the fussy one while selecting the photos. We topped up for another 4 photos at the end.

    Overall, we didn’t encounter all the bad experiences that other BTB shared while engaging a BS. Bad service after signing up? Nope. Pushy sales girl keep asking us to top up photos? Nope. Unfriendly PG? Nope. Lousy MUA? Nope. All did not happen to us with Precious and we are glad that we did not make the wrong decision.

  • Jen Lim
    August 26, 2015 at 7:40 am

    For me it was a BAD EXPERIENCE dealing with Precious. Hubby and I signed up a standard package at Precious in April 2015. As normal, everyone knows that a standard package come with JIMUI photos, photo album casing, photo album, 2 photos with frames (for both parents), signature book etc. During the conversation with Joelle, that's no additional charge if we choose the gowns within the area (except VIP room gowns), and optional choice for adding ampoules and eyelash during make up on shooting day. Unfortunately, the fact was as below:

    1. DO NOT get any JIMUI PHOTOS
    3. FORCING to add 2x AMPOULES and 1x set pouch (included new sponge, new lip stick brush etc)
    4. LAUNDRY FEES RM300 charged for gown that chosen at the selected area (NOT VIP room)

    Also, please think twice if you would like to sign up package with PRECIOUS. As you only have ONE CHANCE to CHOOSE GOWN for shooting day and actual day. If you would like to change gown from what you had chosen after walk out from the door, there will be a penalty charge. Reason being told was the taylor has made adjustment size for our gown. Thus, if we want to change gown after a few days or even a day after tried gowns we have to pay penalty charge. Ques: If Im getting fatter or slimmer before shooting day or actual day, adjustment for gown size have to be paid penalty?

    Story was not ended only has one chance to choose gown. There was also ONE CHANCE to CHOOSE SELECTED PHOTOS. The designer was telling us, we couldn't change the selected photos after we chosen the photos at the first. Full payment settled, processing getting slower. Our slide show photo was taking 1 and a half-month to complete.

    If you ask my opinion I would not recommend anyone to this bridal gallery base on my experience. Overall I can say their staff and service is unfriendly and inflexible. Nothing can be negotiated even a small minor thing.

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