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Princess Bridal Styles

Wedding is the time a girl gets to be super pretty. She can go all out and try different styles, very glamorous and grand ones. You can be a princess for the wedding reception, preferably indoor event as you don’t want to get sweaty, sandy and messy in that long detailed princess gown, tiara, full makeup and extremely high heels. Bridal styles have evolved over time and became really sophisticated these days. You wouldn’t have imagined that stunning hair can stay gorgeous with every strand in place neatly after an eventful day. Then there are the smudge-proof makeup, air brush foundation for the silky finish, and skillful contouring of the face by an experienced makeup artist.

You want the eyes enlarged, winged perfectly, with 3D effects, the Korean fuller eyebrows, higher cheeks, slimmer face, natural healthy glowing skin, just name it and voilà, you have it.

Here’s the Disney princess in her beautiful ball gown, crystal tiara. The sparkly eyes and fastened hair make her look more youthful and sweet. Also the glam queen in the lovely peacock feather dress with rosy cheeks to match.
Korean princess in da house. Softer, extensive, fuller brows the secret to a more feminine look. They will dramatically shape your eyes. Koreans are predominantly fairer due to the country’s cold weather. If you want to achieve that result, avoid going under the sun or use sun blocks to jaga your skin a few months prior to wedding. You don’t want to have your face and neck in different tones.
Mongolian princess and her head chain. Love the tribal feel of this bridal look.

The master of Princess Bridal Style: Nichole PSY Bridal Makeup. Her skills are impeccable. Every hair design is immaculately crafted by Nichole.

Very glamorous makeup. The prominent eye enhancement with lashes, eye brows filling, lining and fuller sexy hair tremendously transform the bride into a beautiful princess.

Jessica’s Makeup Zone
Here’s the mysterious Roman/ Grecian/ Egyptian empress. Floral Lace wedding gown with a sexy back and drooping pearl chains, golden/ silvery leaf hair piece, strong well-defined eyes emit a mystical charm.

Extremely nice makeup, red lips and two piece bridal attire for a Chinese imperial princess. A coronet with embroidered tassel veil is worn by the bride in ancient Chinese wedding ceremony. This accessory is regarded as a symbol of nobility as it’s designed for ladies in Chinese imperial palace.  [].

pretty chinese bride
Pretty bride by Jessica
Chinese Wedding headdress/ coronet from aliexpress.

I was captivated by this vintage bridal look the first time I saw it on Dress Up Room Makeup Studio Facebook Page. Very sexy, glitzy and noble at the same time.

The #princess of the 30s.

Inspiration for a royal wedding. White and silver is all it takes. Go for the dramatic eye makeup for an exotic look.

White lace gown and flowers, with silver accessories.

S & Co. Bridal Makeup Studio
S & Co. Team created this stunning Vintage oriental bridal look for a Vietnamese Princess. The costume bears a close resemblance to Chinese. Photo was taken in the beautiful Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

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