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Pulai Springs Resort, Johor

Type: Hotel
Garden Wedding: Yes
Capacity: Dewan Kencanapuri: Up to 700 pax (round table set)

Wedding Packages 2018:
Malay: from RM85 per pax | Chinese: from RM988 per table

Website: http://pulaisprings.com/
Add: 20km Jalan Pontian Lama, 81110 Pulai Johor, Malaysia
Tel: 607-521 2121
Email: enquiry@pulaisprings.com

Positive reviews: Ideal venue for garden wedding. Very huge garden for wedding. The wedding setup was very gorgeous, stands with beautiful white roses. hope to have similar wedding here. Beautifully decorated bridal buggy to carry the bride. Wedding shoot heaven, nice place and angle with architecture. The hall can host up to 110 tables. 

Negative reviews: Very difficult to locate the property. For wedding banquet, staff are poorly trained and not attentive, have to keep calling them to add drinks, etc. Air conditioning is not working. Bride’s name was wrongly typed. They should pay more attention to details. Waitstaff spilled wine on guests, crashed the beverage section, did not clean all broken glass, and did not apologize.
Tons of fly around and the food served was served slow and cold.

Rating: 3/5 (60%)
choiyen @ Sep 2012: We checked in to CintaAyu All Suites Hotel @ Pulai Springs Resort, Johor after leaving Pulai Desaru Beach Resort & Spa on the second day which located approximately 30 minutes drive from Desaru. The Garden – The ideal venue for garden wedding. GOOD
Tze K. @ Sep 2012: Pulai Springs Resort should do something to improve on the signages on the road, it is very difficult to locate the property. While we are there to attend a wedding dinner, I felt that Pulai Springs Resort need seriou improvement on the service of banquet. The service are very poor. Staff are poorly trained and are not attentive enough, we have to keep calling them to add drinks and etc. Air conditioning are not working, this is not a good reason, if air cond is down, they should fix it. We also notice that bride’s name are wrongly typed. Very careless, I suggest if Pulai Spring would like to continue with these form of business, they should really pay attention to the finest details. BAD
MingSydney @ Jul 2012: The wedding lunch (the second day of my stay) was held in an event hall and it was the worst experience ever. The waitstaffs were not fully trained (i believed they were not even trained). One of the waitstaff had spilled wine on a guest and his children and that very same waiter had crashed the whole beverage section that was close to my table. He did not even clean all of the broken glasses which led to a guest removing parts of the broken glasses. There was not even a word of apology which shows how bad the service was. There were tons of fly around and the food served was extremely slow and were cold by the time they arrived. I had even seen flies in the groom’s and bride’s glasses of water (they were literally swimming in it). I would not recommend this resort and left with a bad taste in my mouth. BAD
jen @ Jun 2012: Just getting the venue reserved at Pulai Spring Resort for another round of wedding event in JB this afternoon.
Sabrina, the Sales lady, brought us around and showed us the venue where there was coincidentally a wedding event going to be hosted here tonight. The staffs were busy moving here and there to setup the tables, backdrop, arches, stands with loads of beautiful white roses. They were very gorgeous indeed. I whispered to my darling that I hoped to have a similar one over here and he returned with a YES. How GREAT! Haa…
Beautifully decorated bridal buggy to carry the bride from the hotel to the destination.  GOOD
taufulou @ Nov 2011: The best place about this part is, I would rate this as pre-wedding or wedding shoot heaven . .So many nice place and angle with architecture that can shoot. . . When you are here, then you will know the feel of it ..Some people host their garden wedding at this place, its huge and you can roll around or even film a Bollywood movie ..Was told that this hall, Dewan Kencanapuri is often fully book, as because its a spacious area that can host up to 100-110 tables in this hall .. GOOD

Yung and Jini’s Wedding
by Grant Corban (Dec 2010)

pulai springs johor
completed wedding ceremonysigning their names on wedding signature book
wedding reception, guests clapping hands
tossing flower, singles to catch
family on stage toasting

  • Anonymous
    October 23, 2012 at 3:14 am

    have been here before.. nice view…suitable for wedding events… actually it is easy to find this place if you follow the map from their website http://www.pulaisprings.com

  • Size Teng Tey
    December 7, 2015 at 4:39 am

    1) Very difficult to locate the property, direction not clear !
    2) No drink to serve guest when cocktail started.
    3) For wedding banquet, staff are poorly trained and not attentive, have to keep calling them to add drinks, waitstaff answer is busy and take half an hour to fill up drinks !! they did not apologize the late service even wrongly dishes are serve when complaints …etc.
    4) This is my daughter beautiful day and all my relative and friends gathering big day , because of you, destroy bridge planning , beautiful day and spoil all guest mood !!
    5) This is what a Mum feels, how to recommence my friend this is good wedding place ?? worst than yrs 2006 my 2nd daughter wedding dinner there !!
    6) You have to improve all the customer complaint details then you will stay alive !!

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