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Research and Plan Your Wedding Vendors in 5 Simple Steps

plan your wedding in 5 simple steps

1. Look for inspirations and ideas of the wedding you are going to have. 
There are a few places that you can go to look for inspirations; Google “Images”, Facebook or Instagram. On Instagram click on the Search (magnifying glass) icon. Type in ‘Wedding’ and

  • Click on “Places” for a list of wedding vendors near you. 
  • Click on “Tags” tab for a list of hashtags, when you click on one of the hashtags, it brings you to all the photos that belong to that hashtag group.
On Instagram click on the Search (magnifying glass) icon. Type in ‘Wedding’ and click on “Places” and “Tags”
All the photos in #weddingdecor (hashtag)
2. Narrow down your search to the wedding vendors in Malaysia and pick 5-10 vendors for further scrutiny
Do a Google Search for instance, “Wedding Venue in Malaysia”. Go to “Images”

See if there is anything you like

It is better to look for a Lists of all Wedding Vendors, for example List of Wedding Venue, so you can go through the entire list and look for those that you find interesting. Also check the Package prices:

List of Wedding Vendors by Category

Samples and Pricing Guide [HERE]

3. From there, browse through their profile and images on the official websites or social media pages. 

Take note of their work, style, price and reviews. Many makeup artists in Malaysia have a Facebook Page but not a website because it easier to update and it comes with Reviews too. Do a Search to see the options you have.

Many MUAs have an FB Page because it is easier to update and it has REVIEWS too
Check the Photos of their work and Reviews to understand more about what previous customers say about them

Go for Google, facebook or other Reviews Platforms or comments on forums and blogs. For example: lowyat OR foursquare OR tripadvisor OR facebook OR review OR food AND wedding OR marriage OR bride OR ballroom AND “wloon photography”
  • Use the AND operator if you want the keyword to be in the result.
  • OR operator for either one of the keywords to appear in the result. 
  • “the wedding barn gallery” (open and close inverted commas) to search for a phrase.
  • “-” operator to exclude certain words or phrases.

4. Check the Vendors Rates (Send Inquiries) 
Send inquiries to the vendors that you have picked.

Send your Inquiries [HERE]

5. After getting the wedding packages, you can create a list with price, descriptions and packages details. That way it is easier to compare and decide the best option and price.

After you have selected the vendors and know the estimated amount of investment, you can use the Budget Calculator Spreadsheet to plan your wedding budget.

[Wedding Planning Budget Calculator. Try it out yourself here]

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