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The Popular Restoran Pekin Johor Jaya

Capacity: 1300 pax | Restoran Pekin Johor Jaya has quite a good reputation for its fine banquet food in generous portions. It is one of the finest Chinese restaurant in Johor Bahru. There is ample parking, except for when there is a wedding. The environment is classy with simple yet elegant furnishing. The decor and layout of the restaurant are well thought out to make the guests feel comfortable. Customers don’t mind paying the price for the fine dining experience. The food is delicious but the service during weddings can be better. The waitstaff were too efficient in clearing the plates while guests were still eating. 

Located at Jalan Masai Baru, the area is rather quiet but it all changes when you set foot in the nicely decorated restaurant where attendants greet you warmly. There
is a banquet hall for 130 tables that comes with a stage and lights. Finger food is served at the waiting area before the reception.


Huge banquet hall – 130 tables | 1300 pax



Pekin Johor Jaya Restaurant


Entrance walkway




VIP room for smaller event

Other photos:

Pekin Johor Jaya Banquet hall | Feb 2016. [source]


Wedding at Restoran Pekin Johor Jaya Banquet hall | Jan 2015 [source]


Apr 2018
The food was served too fast at the wedding. The taste of the banquet food was inconsistent with the food that we tested. There was ample time for them to organize the wedding banquet. Do not understand why they are more chaotic than the bride and groom.
Nov 2017
Attend for a wedding dinner. The place is huge to cater for multiple weddings event. Food is delicious but service can be better. The waiters too responsive to the extend wanted to clear the plate while we are still eating.
Sep 2016
Fitting for a Wedding Lunch. We were here for a wedding lunch. The food is delicious. However, the steam fish was not as hot as desired as it was not kept warm, as usually such dish is heated with a waxed flame.
Jan 2015
The 37-year-old and his wife, teacher Rebecca Goh, 34, estimate that they saved at least $20,000 by holding their banquet at the Pekin Restoran Johor Jaya restaurant in Johor Baru instead of a hotel in Singapore. Excluding the bus charters, the Tans spent about RM55,000 to host their 300 guests, including an eight-course menu comprising dishes such as abalone, fish maw soup and roast pork, as well as alcohol. Adds Mr Tan: “The food was great, as was the service. They let us use a banquet hall which came with a stage and lights, there was finger food at the waiting area and ample parking space for our guests. We were happy with the choice.”

Jan 2015

Pekin Restaurant in JJ is one of the finest Chinese restaurant in JB.

It is not some low class restaurants.

Pekin Restuarant, I been there twice. Both times, we cannot finish the food.

Cod fish piece bigger than my Laptop Power Brick, per person, 30 Fresh Prawns a table etc.

Restoran Pekin Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru

FB Page:
Add: No. 1, Jalan Masai Baru, Taman Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
Tel: +607-356 0739, +607-356 0740

Capacity: 1300 pax (130 tables)



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