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Review of Armadale Wedding Gallery

Armadale is one of the most talked about bridal houses around. Their packages come with amazing photography, a big selection of new and gorgeous gowns to choose from and structured yet pleasant service. On the other hand Armadale does not provide a lot of the supplementary items such as bridal bouquet, car decoration, albums and framed photos of various sizes in the package but they do have them available on ala carte basis.

Gathering insights from the comments/ reviews; Armadale adopts a brilliant business model, partnering with above average photographers/ videographer, there is no hidden cost for real as the cost has already been included in the initial price quoted and all hi-res photos will be returned. They are not calculative about working extra hours to get the job done. They deliver the photos on time.

Jasmine the Wedding Consultant is helpful in assisting the clients pick their gowns. She allows time and space and is not pushy at all. It gives you the peace of mind because she gets things done speedily for instance gown alteration if required.

Joanne who has a very good eye for gowns selection, focuses on gowns while overlooking the management of the company and ensures plans runs as scheduled/ promised.

Photographer Covan Loh’s work is subtle and artistic in my opinion. It is nostalgic looking at the romantic images he captures. Covan’s smile is contagious, he can get the couples to smile naturally. His easy going, flexible character and determination to get the best shots make him a much sought-after wedding photographer.

I think videographer Foong produces videos that tell a story personal to the engaged pair. Playful, composed, sensitive, sociable… brides/ grooms and family are able to watch the playback of the priceless moments and characteristics that define them. He is proficient in capturing funny and touching scenes which make many cry. They want to watch the video over and over again.

Their MUAs create natural bridal styles that suit photography purposes.

Armadale’s dresses are in good condition, some are strikingly beautiful. They have a big variety of gowns to choose from.

Oct 2016
I don’t even know where to start with putting this thank you into words. It’s been a wonderful journey with Armadale team since day one till our big day . Specially thanks to Covan for our pre wedding photo . It was so fantastic and better than what we expected . Thanks Jamie for her professional make up service to ensure I look good in all events .
A massive thank you to Foong , Han & their assistant for all your hard work and amazing videography & photography yesterday. The slideshow & video at our reception was astonishing, it was so nice for our guest to see what had been happening during day time. Our wedding guest even commented on how professional you all were .
Lastly not forgetting to thanks Armadale consultant – Emily for all her professional guidance & services since we started engaged with Armadale. Without her, all the things will not be turn out so perfectly .
It was more than just a service from Armadale. We do make friends throughout the whole journey. Everyone was so friendly that makes us feel comfortable dealing with. Trust me , journey with Armadale is simply amazing and you will never regret. Thank you Armadale team for the professional services !
Oct 2016
We had the full suite of Armadale experience with Darren shooting our pre wedding, Covan for actual day, Jamie for make up. Not forgetting our wonderful consultant Jasmine who I gave a hard time to pick a dress according to my taste for simplicity within a very short timeline. Also Emily who did the photo editing. With their simple straight forward packages, there is no surprising extra hidden cost and you’ll have all your photos with a selection of dresses to choose from without exception.
If you are looking for something different from the usual bridal studios, with a professional team, Armadale is the place to be. Completely stress free that every little detail is thought for. Thank you Armadale team for the amazing job.
Oct 2016
The reason i chose to sign up Armadale is because i feel
their sincerity when Emily allow me to pick some gowns (she did not
limit the number) of the entire shop to try on even before i sign up.
After trying the gowns, i immediately gain the confidence in the
beautiful gowns. Then i like it when the promo package includes
EVERYTHING such as more than sufficient of photos given, bridal car etc
without hidden cost! This is the part that they are indifferrent.
for our pre-wedding photos, we received so much compliments! Covan is
excellent! He listen and remember what i want and has captured the
elements that i want! As for Jamie, she is also a good make up artist
who styling me in the way i want for my photos. As for Jasmine, she
seems to be quite good in some bridal fashion sense and she is so
patient when doing gown fitting for me. Emily is flexible and attentive
in listening to our request! In overall, Armadale service is awesome!
Oct 2016
Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the team in Armadale.
was looking for a long-sleeve vintage laced gown that I would wear for
my AD. However, the sizes that were available were mostly too large for
my fitting. Jasmine took the liberty to allow me to come in on an ad-hoc
appointment after I shared my concern with her. I realised it was one
of the busiest day they were facing, and she even sacrificed her pumping
time to make time for me.
She eventually suggested that we headed to
Inzpire, the sister company of Armadale to see if I could find
something I like there. I learned this was a very special exception that
she was making for me.
We eventually found a gown that suits and
fits my frame perfectly! I can really tell how much Jasmine’s kind help
has gone a long way. It has touched my heart, and I will certainly
remember this for a long, long, long time!
No doubt the team at
Armadale’s offers top-notch service to each bride. Jasmine looked into
the matter and helped me out with my mission, like it was her own.
Sep 2016
I choose armadale because the gowns are looks new and premium. This is what I like about Armadale.
Special thanks to Emily, Covan, Jasmine ,Jamie and Foong. Emily is a very helpful sales consultant and give me a fair cost. She provide good service and advise during the whole process for choosing gown and photos. She nice to talk and always help me so much. Covan is a very patient and professional photographer. His work is awesome. Thanks Jasmine for the nice photo slideshow video and help me fitting the grown. Excellent service from them! Thanks to jamie help me make up. Thanks to Foong help me take the video for my actual days.
Aug 2016
Their after sales service is great. No hidden costs. The gowns are looks new and premium. This is what I like about Armadale.
Special thanks to Emily, Covan, Jasmine and Jamie. Emily is a very helpful sales consultant. She provide good service and advise during the whole process for choosing gown and photos. Covan is a very patient and professional photographer. His work is awesome. Thanks Jasmine for the nice photo slideshow video. Excellent service from them!
Wedding photo-journalism


Wedding photography can be fun and personalized.

Love the beautiful colors

Emotional and happy occasion

Not the usual pre-wedding photography – Armadale produces creative photos.

Breathtaking view captured with style


Wedding is the time when everyone celebrates your love
in kl
A good makeup artist unleashes the beauty, a good photographer captures it.

A wide selection of good quality gowns

big selection
Armadale offers higher quality gowns

lace detail
Intricate design

Wedding Videography:

Armadale Weddings

FB Page:
Add: Block F-G-03A, Neo Damansara,  1 , Jalan PJU 8/1 , Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 Selangor.
Tel: 03-7731 9100

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