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Review of MUA Doris SP

Brides who engaged Doris SP raved about her magic fingers because of her ability to produce wonderful gorgeous bridal looks which are not overdone. They really like her creativity. No problems fulfilling any requirements from every bride even the the demands of “bridezillas”. Admiring their wedding albums, Doris’ clients were amazed how pretty they looked on their big day, especially the eye makeup which stood out remarkably on photos. She enhanced the brides’ features very well. Moreover Doris is absolutely professional, she would figure out the type of makeup and hairdo you like before working on it.

Very professional. Highly recommended make up artist for all occasions! 神手. Pretty.
May 2011
I am glad to introduce my MUA ( Make-Up Artist), Doris for my pre-wedding shoot. I really like her touch as she wouldn’t make you looks like Marilyn Monroe or Lady La La ( I don’t mine if I do look like Princess Diane..HAHA). She will keep asking if I am okey with this and that or what type of make up or hairdo that I prefer. I do love all the touch-up on me cause I look so natural and not overdone. Doris is actually a Taiwanese. So you might have language gap with her if you totally can’t speak mandarin. Thank God I still have about 200 chinese characters in my head. So to tell her “我要变漂亮” wouldn’t be that hard. LOL Thank you so much Doris for making me a beautiful bride..:)
Nov 2011
what about my MUA? Doris-SP…she’s done great on my actual day…highly recommended for all brides-to-be.
Nov 2011
Every one also hope that herself can be a wonderfull, gorgeous & a pretty bride. Doris SP is the only answer & is your solutions who able to help you fulfill your any requirement. Doris SP, she is just excellent among the others make up artist (M.U.A.) I have do many research for the M.U.A. during the time l’m preparing for my wedding. Maybe I’m a person who are a bit high requirement, many M.U.A. blog, webpages, facebook i have been review but still can’t find one who can fit my requirement. Hehehe. Untill i found Doris SP blog, 1st time i view her blog & the 1st feeling to me is like woowww….. she is amazing. Her hand is like a magican can help you to transform, transform & transform. OMG….For sure every one will agree the way u look that day is a pretty & wonderfull bride. I was just like her so much.
Nov 2011
she was my MUA for my pre wedding photos it till a single bit..especially on my eye brow and eye makeup. She really enhanced my features very well without looking over did..double thumbs up!! Her creativity in hair do really amazed me.

I have attended the wedding of a friend who hired Doris SP as her MUA. I have to agree that her skill is above average and quite prominent. The overall makeup looks very presentable. Examining closely you will be able to notice the details that she puts in creating such immaculate result. The eye is lined in an alluring perfect curve and thickness to match the girl’s eyes. The shading evenness makes you wanna stare at the bride’s face to appreciate the beautification effort.

doris sp
perfect thickness to match the eyes
The eye is lined in an alluring perfect curve and thickness to match the girl’s eyes
experienced doris

you want to stare at her makeup
The shading evenness makes you wanna stare at the face to appreciate the beauty
She plans the hairstyling properly as each layer is tied and pinned together systematically to form the desired outcome. Some of the hair designs are really awesome.

amazing style
pleats in a fashionable way
doris makeup
Amazing hair design
with bling

hair design
crown braid
doris sp makeup
Doris plans the hairstyling as each layer is tied and piled up systematically

Doris SP Make Up
FB Page:
Add: 53, The Strand, Jalan PJU 5/20E, 47810 Kota Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 012-371 5052

Package A:  RM1,688 – 1 morning session bridal image + 1 dinner session bridal image
Package B:  RM1,888 – 1 morning session bridal image + 2 dinner session bridal images

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