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Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant, Ipoh (民眾酒家)

Pusing Public (Mun Choong – 民眾酒家)
Type: Chinese Restaurant
Wedding Package: from RM488+ per table (6% government tax)
Capacity: Up to 55 table (First floor), up to 40 tables (Ground Floor)

Add: No. G 57-65 Jalan Verasamy Ipoh (Horley Road) 30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel: 05-2419348, 05-2410306, 05-2533428

Positive reviews: Serves really good, delicious food in huge serving. Flavorful and rich in ingredient. Taste quality is better than the restaurants in KL. Very consistent in the food. Famous for wedding banquet.

Negative reviews: Four weddings can happen at the same time, there will be confusion when the couples made their entrance. Singing war (karaoke) during reception. Super lousy ambiance, very china style.

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Jul 2019
Attended my colleague’s wedding dinner here and the food is great!!! Although the banquet hall space is a bit crammed, the atmosphere is great. The highlight has got to be the food!! The presentation and taste, my God, one of the best wedding dinner I’ve ever tasted. One thing they can improve in though: their service crew. The servers rarely smiles and for a wedding, they look awfully mundane… Other than that, great!

Aug 2015

Was at Pusing Seafood restaurant over the weekend for a friend wedding. The seafood was very fresh and other dishes were equally good as well. A wedding quest mentioned that this is one of the best Chinese restaurant in town and I totally agreed with her. Am amazed that the restaurant can cater for 3 wedding dinner plus opening it door to the public simultaneously

Jul 2014
I like the portion but personally find the food so so only. Will return in Aug to sample the food again on its Ala crate menu.Famous for wedding banquet.

Wedding at Public Pusing Ipoh | Sep 2018 | karaoke & PA system by Honest in Music:

Other photo:

Design of the hall which has a few pillars

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