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Romantic Beach Wedding at Avillion Port Dickson

A beach wedding is the dream of many ladies prepping for their big day. However it is not all fun and games holding your wedding on the beach. It is important to plan ahead in the event of bad weather, there should be an alternative arrangement. Pick wedding attire that is light weight, comfortable and easy to walk around in.

The hotel received good reviews for organizing a beach wedding. They offer great beach wedding package and menu is mouthwatering. No problem with traveling to the location as there is an easy access to Port Dickson. Thumbs up to coordinator and the staff for creating a beautiful, romantic and smooth sailing event.

Some of the negative reviews about Avillion PD are dis-satisfactory service when it comes to following through the things that have been promised.

aVi Spa

avillion port dicksion beach wedding


Oct 2017

I had my ROM + Wedding Dinner at Avillion Port Dickson, overall it was acceptable. However, there’s a few point to take note.

1) I had discussed and amended the layout of the ROM table to put in the middle and removed the stage during food tasting day, however on the actual day, the layout of the ceramony table didn’t change to what we agreed. Thankfully Zaiqi managed to help me settle the layout in time.

2) I had ordered 2 set of vegetarian food, and during food tasting chef had promised he will prepare separate set for my guest. However, on actual day when my guest approach the servant for vegetarian food, they mentioned no vegetarian food was prepared, and pointed on the broccoli and said they can eat those vegetable. This is very disappointing. I’ve feedback point 2 to the team via WhatsApp group after wedding, however, no reply from any of the Avillion staff. It seems like after wedding, any feedback is not being taken care anymore. The after sales services wasn’t so satisfied.
Jun 2014
My son decided to get married on the beach at this hotel. What a great decision! – the hotel location is breathtaking and the staff and management do everything that they can to ensure that your stay is a fantastic experience. We booked a water chalet – the room was beautiful.
The hotel facilities are very good – The two beaches are good, but there can be sand flies, so insect repellent is needed! The grounds are continuously maintained to a very high standard.
They pulled out all the stops to ensure that the wedding was a truly memorable event. I can thoroughly recommend this hotel as a wedding venue – the location (on the beach) – timed to take place as the sun set! – the arrangement of the seating for the ceremony was superb, as was the presentation of the table settings – the food was excellent, and the choice and quality (as well as the quantity!) was unbelievable! We danced till 11 p.m. which is when they ask you to stop the music so that the other hotel residents are not disturbed. A wedding celebration not to be forgotten! Oh, almost forgot – the prices are very reasonable – I dread to think what a beach wedding like this would have cost in the UK!.

May 2014

A year ago, we started scouting for locations to have our destination wedding. We set our eyes on Avillion PD because of the beautiful Tumasek beach. The sales person from the sales office was not responsive, and half the time, we had to be the one chasing him down for quotations and other info with regards to the wedding. After paying the deposit, the sales person vanished. One of the worst has got to be the fact that he did no passdown all the details we have discussed earlier to the person in charge at the hotel. When we went to PD to meet with the PIC, we had to go through all the details again. It was a waste of everyone’s time.

The person in charge of our account at the hotel was super nice. She was very helpful and has helped us sort out all the necessary details. However, that was as much there is that the hotel has to offer.

Here are some of the unfortunate events that have happened throughout the entire process:

1. 2 of our guests’ reservations were not made. The hotel claims it was the fault of the guests for not responding. The guests have not received any emails whatsoever from the sales office.

2. We were brought to the AviSpa and was given a chance to view the place when we did a site visit. We thought it would be good if we could have some wedding shots taken at the spa and was told we can do so. We went on the day of the wedding, all dressed up, only to have our request declined. We later got to know that we had to made reservations upfront, which was something that was not made known to us. We were also told that we need to pay an additional substantial amount to have our photos taken there, if we insist on doing the photo shoot.

3. Instead of trying to give us a reasonable discounted price, we were asked to ask our guests to book from Matta Fair instead.

Beach Wedding at Avillion Port Dickson by RC Studio | Apr 2018

beach ceremony NS
Sweet wedding ceremony on the beach, overlooking the sea and beach chalets.
Dance the night away on the sandy beach, how cool
Love the transparent canopy setup

Danny and Jennifer: A beach wedding (Feb 2012) | Photos:

beach wedding
This is how the beach wedding looks like. Very beautiful and lovely!
registration of marriage at beach
Decoration by Avillion & Javen Florist. The couple said “I do” on the beach of Avillion PD.
round lights like moon at sandy beach
Reception guests were enjoying the sea breeze. Everything went well despite the rain.

Stephen and See Wan’s Wedding (Oct 2011) by

paper ball lamp hanging down a string beach
beach wedding reception
beach wedding arch

Wedding of Hani (Aug 2010) | Photos:
solemnization under wooden arch, paved aisle
Romantically decorated beach wedding. Solemnization under a wooden arch. The aisle is paved.
wedding romantic
Followed by a wedding reception dinner on the sand.
tilt wooden house, beach sand sun
Perfect location for wedding portraits.
wedding cakes blue and yellow eat me
Cupcakes courtesy of Avillion PD.

Avillion Port Dickson

FB Page:
Add: 3rd Mile, Jalan Pantai, 71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Tel: +606 647 6688

Wedding Packages 2022
RM8,888 nett (beach wedding)

Photography at aVi Spa:

RM 2,999 nett inclusive of Hotel stay and breakfast for couple and photography crew

Outdoor Venues
  Tumasek Beach takes up to 500 people
  Riau Beach takes up to 120 people

Indoor Venues
  Pelita Ballroom takes up to 180 people

Map (Easy Access to Port Dickson):

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