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Chinese Wedding

Wedding Food ala Chinese

When it comes to the Chinese culture, superstition plays an important role. Sometimes people are not really believing in any supernatural forces, it is simply tradition. Fish is a symbol of abundance (“yu” which is

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Traditional Chinese

What to Give and Do in Chinese Weddings

The traditional Chinese wedding customs are practiced to bring good luck, happy and fruitful marriage, fertility, and so on. However as a guest, the rules don’t really apply to you unless you are a close

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Chinese Attire

Chinese Wedding Theme

The Oriental theme is all about the color RED and occasionally golden. The older generations of Chinese people in Malaysia are relatively more superstitious. They believe that certain rituals have to be performed to achieve

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Wedding Decorator – Periwinkle Design

With a little extra decoration, your wedding celebration can be brightened up beautifully. Unless you have the time and skill, the task of beautifying the wedding party is better handed over to the professionals in

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Chinese Restaurant

Duck King Tycoon, Ampang – Closed

Type: Chinese Restaurant Capacity: Up to 35-40 (big hall) Add: Wisma Selangor Dredging, 2nd Floor North Block, 142-D Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur 50450 Tel: 03-2162 9819 and 03-2161 9819 Positive reviews: Ambiance: Decor and ambiance

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