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Shots and Poses Ideas with Arture Photography

You can get some ideas on the poses/ shots to prepare for your upcoming wedding or photo-shoot here. Take note on how to pose, what you want in the photo and the overall mood. A good photographer will make it happen.
Lighting is usually a problem with indoor photography. Experienced photographer Shin of Arture Photography makes good use of natural and artificial lighting to capture the interior details beautifully.  Where you stand, where and how to focus matter, they are well taken care of. 

When you are at a location away from home, remember to seize the uniqueness of that place. Landmarks such as structures and buildings photographed with the right techniques are going to look great, different from what the naked eyes see. Birds hovering in the sky against the background of the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic below is such a wonderful sight to behold.
A majestic shot
Have some greens for a refreshing image
Brides and their wedding dress, her most prized possession shot is a must.
Admiring the wedding dress before it is donned. The brightness enhances the image.

Try the dramatic night shot at the beach. Sometimes getting dirty can be rewarding. The result is remarkable.
This is how you showcase your stunning wedding gown in a dramatic way

Examples of intimate moments with an artistic touch and good composition.
Sun glare is right at the spot where he kisses her

A good close-up of happiness

The casual shot with the two enjoying the sea breeze in a stylish way.

You want to share your happiness with the people you care about and this picture says it all.

Fetch-the-bride on the actual wedding day. What a precious moment.

Sometimes adding a little imagination to the framing makes the photo more captivating. This image captures the couple’s smile as they have fun together.

Arture Photography – Shin (ChongSian)
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  • 3rd Place of AsiaWPA First Half Competition 2015
  • Execellence Award of AsiaWPA First Half Competition 2015
  • Silver Awards of WPPI First Half Online Competition 2015 (Wedding Details)
  • Silver Awards of WPPI First Half Online Competition 2015 (Bride or Groom Alone)
  • Silver Awards of WPPI First Half Online Competition 2015 (Portrait Individual)
  • Excellence Award of AsiaWPA 2014
  • Member of Master Photographers Association, UK (LMPA)
  • Member of Asia Wedding Photographers Association (AsiaWPA)
  • Member of Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) 

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