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Silk Wedding Dress

Silk is a form of fiber that is naturally extracted from the cocoons of insect larvae which can be woven into fabrics. The surface of the fiber is able to refract light giving silk cloth a shimmering appearance. Silk has a smooth, soft texture but is not slippery. The silk fiber can be used to create different types of cloth depending on the weaving method. 

1. Silk Duchesse Satin

Silk Duchesse Satin – 119 US$ per one running metre (Tissura) | Manufacturer: Ruffo Coli | Country: Italy

The medium-weight luxurious silk duchesse satin is made of natural silk fibers. It is one of the best options for bridal gowns as duchesse satin, with a more stable structure, drapes well, creating beautiful pleats and folds without wrinkling. While Duchesse Satin is soft and smooth with a pearly shiny surface, certain synthetic duchesse satin gowns can make the wearer feel hot. The silk version on the other hand is comfortable to wear in warm weather.

Satin is not a type of fiber but the name of the weave (how the cloth is woven). It is created using the twill weaving process, where four horizontal yarns are covered by a single vertical yarn, producing fewer interlacing, which results in the smooth texture. It allows wide parts of yarn to reflect light, which gives it the natural sheen.

Silk Duchesse Satin wedding gowns are very classy and elegant. Because of its beautiful luster and strength, silk satin is a popular material for the main construction of a wedding dress.

Silk Satin soft sweetheart neckline and a draped bodice, mermaid wedding gown – Martina Liana

 Ivory Silk Duchess Satin trumpet bridal gown, crystal embroidered bodice, natural waist, key hole back, chapel train – Jim Hjelm by Hayley Paige bridal gown

2. Silk Chiffon

Silk Chiffon from Tissura – 123 US$ per one running metre | Manufacturer: Taroni | Country: Italy
Silk chiffon is a plain lightweight woven fabric made with mesh-like weave that makes it translucent. Chiffon can be woven from silk, cotton or synthetic yarn, however top quality chiffon fabric is made of 100% silk. In wedding gowns, chiffon allows for flowing and draping designs. Beautiful chiffon dresses can be single or multi-layered, with frills, ruffles or overlays. Usually a long silk chiffon gown is made with a fitted bodice, and free-flowing flared skirt.

Chiffon can be dyed to almost any colors, so it’s a popular choice for evening dresses too. Due to its airy and semi-transparent characteristics, chiffon often adds a romantic touch. It is gorgeous and light but it can be subject to wear and tear. Be extra careful. 

Lace and silk chiffon wedding dress (The Merry Bride)
Burgundy silk chiffon overlay draped dress featuring gold edged suede shoulder sculpture – Stephane Rolland Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Couture

3. Silk Organza

Silk Organza – 56 US$ per one running metre | Manufacturer: Sfate & Combier | Country: France

Silk Organza is a stiff, lightweight, sheer fabric, that is ideal for voluminous bridal wear, usually used for flowing details like over-skirts, sleeves and neckline overlays. To create full skirt on a gown, this sumptuous fabric can provide structure for the outer layer and add attractive lines. 
Here’s an off-shoulder neckline fit “n” flare bridal gown with silk organza layered cascading skirt, pleated dropped waist bodice and jeweled floral detail at natural waist.
Alvina Valenta Wedding Dress Spring 2012
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