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Simply Bridal – Wedding Dresses and Accessories

When finding the right wedding gowns or accessories locally becomes too challenging, we turn to online shopping. Some are skeptical about the whole virtual transaction thing as they don’t get to see the actual product personally beforehand. In this day and age, purchasing online has become more common and convenient. In finding a reputable shop, reviews or comments of former customers can give you a better understanding about the transaction experience.
Based in Los Angeles, California, SimplyBridal is about making your wedding process easy and accessible at reasonable price. Beginning with wedding dresses, they’ve since added more products (accessories, veils, bridesmaids dresses) and strive to provide outstanding quality without the inconvenience and costs of traditional bridal boutiques and retailers (List of Bridal Boutiques). Many of their products, including their entire jewelry collection, are made in the US. You may check out some of the reviews shared by their customers (in USA) at various sites such as blogs, forums that I have compiled below. They were impressed with the SimplyBridal’s beautiful dresses which were relatively inexpensive.

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Apr 2013
The necklace (silver-plated two strand lariat with two white shell
pearls) is 18 inches and is not adjustable. I really loved this piece of
jewelry and I think it would be perfect with a lot of different outfits, not
just a wedding gown! A bridesmaid could wear this piece with her gown or you
could even use it to dress up an outfit for church or another dressy
occasion. I think that’s one of the best things about their jewelry is that
you can make it work for any occasion!
Mar 2013
After reviewing Simply Bridal, I have to say…these dresses are
amazing!  They have a huge selection of
styles to any taste, and the biggest shocker was the price!  I know Wedding gowns can be extremely
expensive, so when I saw dresses that I would buy, just to have the
opportunity to shoot them, listed at $200 and $300, I couldn’t wait to share
this place with everyone! I love the way the website is designed. Not only do
they provide lots of great pictures from many different angles, but they also
show video of the model wearing it, so you can see how it moves and flows!
Another thing that impressed me is that they state on their website that they
will tailor the dress to your body and have it delivered to you, all within
40-45 days of the purchase date, not the typical 6-9 months!  That’s pretty impressive.  I can’t tell you how many bridal sessions
I’ve had to reschedule due to the dress not coming in on time, or coming in
but not being tailored in time.  It can
be a frustrating experience for all involved.
LaurandBilly9308 @ Jul 2012
I ordered my dress from Simply Bridal and from a scale of 1-10 on
quality I’d give my dress a solid 8 (I wasn’t seeking perfection). On beauty
an absolute 10! It was relatively inexpensive at a little under $400. I’m not
plus sized, but I did order my dress in a size 16 for my boobs and need to
have it taken in everywhere else. They shipped extremely fast and secure.If
you actually put in your specific measurements I’m sure it would be fine, I’m
not sure why I didn’t do that myself.
I received the Silver Plated Chain Necklace and Earrings with White Majorica Pearl from SimplyBridal by courier. The product was packed neatly in the protection of a bubble wrap and hard envelope. The package included a “Thank You” card bundled together with the merchandise elegantly delivering a pleasant customer experience. I certainly felt great to have received it. Pearls match wedding dresses extremely well. The set of necklace and earrings has a simple and refined design if you are not a fan of over-emphasized “bling”. It’s not a bad idea spoiling yourself with jewelry shipped all the way from the United States of America, especially for such a memorable occasion.
More choices here: Have fun!
pearl and silver chain
The necklace and earrings I received
wedresearch author, leann
#88003: 16″-18″ Silver Plated Chain Necklace and Earrings with White Majorica Pearl
thank you card
wedresearch author leann

Simply Bridal
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Global 30 day risk free returns policy applies to all Simply Bridal’s dresses and accessories

Unfortunately Simple Bridal does not ship to Malaysia at the moment. Here’s the list of countries they currently ship to:

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