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Singapore Fort Canning Park


Fort Canning Park is a quiet and shady park on an iconic hilltop right in the middle of the city of Singapore. Some of the interesting spots for photography are the Fort Gate- remnant of  a fortress built in the 19th century, tombs of the 19th century (Singapore’s first Christian Cemetery), there is a Spice Garden, the ASEAN Sculpture Garden, Battle Box- a former underground military complex that was used in World War II, spiral staircase with an opening on top at the underground crossing, outdoor lawns, lots of greenery, Cannon, lighthouse, boutique Hotel Fort Canning. Some part of the park provides a good view of the city and surrounding. The well maintained garden adds to the charm of the park which takes one through the history of Singapore. Parking will be a problem if there are events at Fort Canning.

Photos by Cang-Ai Wedding:

plant fort heart shape
The spiral staircase at the underground crossing with an opening on top which looks like a heart shape
spiral underground

colonial structure

underground bunker

rustic wedding

Tomb stones

faded wall
Other photos:
park fort war
Spiral staircase
stone story
Carved stone wall mural
war zone
Fort Gate

Fort Canning Park Singapore

singapore pre wedding

Location: Fort Canning Park is bounded by Hill Street, Canning Rise, Clemenceau Avenue and River Valley Road
Park lighting hours: 7.00pm to 7.00am


fort canning park surrounding


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