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Story-telling Wedding Videography | Nigel Sia

Nigel has been making videos (List of Videographers) for over 12 years for various occasions such as weddings, events, music videos, corporate productions and advertising. He is extremely passionate about editing videos and is able to carry out the intense and intricate edit work that is required in producing a video that connects with people. There is no limit when it comes to video editing for him. He plans, develops, coordinates and executes the video productions.

He directed, filmed and edited Khabar Cinta: a local teen web-drama about a girl who tries to save the college newspaper. Nigel has also filmed, directed and edited web-based short films such as ‘Beyond The Still’ and ‘Grandma Fong’ which are Top 3 and Top 5 finalists consecutively in local film competitions in 2011. I believe the rich experience he has garnered adds a more stimulating flavor to his wedding video filming.

His client was incredibly touched by the way he edited the video, cutting from one scene to another memorable moment. It was so subtle but beautiful. Everyone loved the superb full HD recording with clear and good audio he produced. The cost was about RM3K+ in 2012. Nigel is very dedicated in delivering the best work possible. He would talk about the style preferred by the customer, try to understand their favorite angles/ features and throw in a few ideas of his own. His story-telling concept is pretty interesting.

Andrew and Amanda’s wedding – church ceremony and reception at Eastin Hotel

Racheal + Joseph telling their story like a celebrity interview
Bangsar babe’s love story-telling concept video by Nigel Sia. It shows the couple back in secondary school days, dating time and beyond.

Racheal @ Jul 2013
Dear Nigel,
Thank you for such a special gift. I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly touched I am with how you have told our story. Thank you for honoring our special people, J and I absolutely fell apart when it cut from our quote to our memory table. It was done so subtly but beautifully, thank you. There are so so many other favorites and highlights (!!) and you know I would tell you all of them but the gist of it is just AHHHH!!! The verdict? We laughed and cried and grinned bigger than our faces could contain and our hearts exploded a million times.
Feb 2012
I first got to know Nigel through a CROCS video making session back in 2010 and I’ve been viewing his portfolio ever since(through facebook/twitter updates). When it came to searching for a videographer, I sort of knew who I wanted without even scouting and comparing packages by others. I contacted Nigel and everything went from there. Was it too hasty of me? Nah, everything is great! Superb Full HD recording with clear and good audio recording too. Everyone loved the video captured and edited by him. I didn’t scout around for other videographers so my budgeting advice might not even be along the lines of current market prices. I would estimate a budget of RM3K onwards for videography.
Mar 2011
rif and I have engaged in Nigel Sia’s videography services for our big day. I met Nigel about 2 years back, when he was working with my friend Micheal in an advertising agency. I chose Nigel after watching his video Mike + Shannon. Love the concept and storyline. Nigel understands my style quite well (after a short chat) and is open to suggestions. We talked about the wedding videos I’ve watched and liked, what I wanted in my wedding video and a little bit about rif and myself. Nigel took notes and threw in a few ideas of his own.
Oct 2011
R.O.M video by Nigel Sia. He’s very dedicated in delivering the best work possible and I’m pleased with the video outcome. According to my wedding planner, he was at the venue since 7.30am to get ready for the video.
Another thing I like about Nigel is his understanding of my favourite angles and features. Yes, I’m rather demanding in that sense. The colours were lovely and he captured everything so beautifully, I teared while watching the video. *sniff sniff*

Nigel Sia – Visual Storytelling

visual storytelling

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