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The Paintings of Love, Marriage and Relationship

Beautiful wedding photography creates lovely paintings out of the environment, scenery, trees, flowers, pier, building, journalistic emotions, gestures, sacred rituals, gorgeous outfit, textures. Artistically edited images are unique.

Love the details of the leaves on the tree, so serene, relaxing. comforting.

Andrew Koh Photography.
The groom promises to cherish and provide welfare and happiness for the family. The bride will be responsible for the household, food and finance. “I promise to love and cherish you for as long as I live. Your happiness is my happiness, and your sorrow is my sorrow.” More from The Seven Sacred Vows of marriage in Hindu wedding. Such beautiful edited image with vibrant colors.
Photo by Click4Loves.

The pledge to love, respect and support each other.

Click4Loves Photography
The most memorable day – The day I became Mrs Sia ceremonially. “I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love and honour you all the days of my life.” Also on this day Malaysians gathered to make their voices heard calling for clean and fair elections in Bersih 428 2012. The police barricade was just outside the church when we came out from the wedding service.
Photos taken by Jooi Wah Photography.
Duncan is one creative photographer. Love and relationship can be expressed in many ways in photography. The symmetrical positioning of a bouquet in the groom’s hands and his bride gesturing a smile on his inattentive look define the typical relationship.
The second photo is a nice shot of the retro hoodlum with tattoo of a retro couple.  The Wedding Barn Gallery.
The #FollowMeTo photography style was created by Russian photographer Murad Osmann capturing pictures of his girlfriend (now wife) Nataly Zakharova leading him to places around the world by holding his hand. This reminds me so much of me dragging my husband to the attractions whenever we are on vacation.
Photos taken by: Murad Osmann.
Swans are a symbol of love and fidelity because they have only one partner their entire life. Long lasting relationship – that’s what we wish for right? Two of these love birds head to head form the shape of a heart.
Truly artistic work by WLOON Photography in Prague, Czech Republic.

Time stands still when I am with you.


A Shoulder to Lean On

Photo by: ITKY Photography.

Abstract geometric art

Photo taken by: GMPS Wedding Film and Photography.

Traditional Chinese painting

Photo by: RC Studio.
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