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The Reasons to Choose Rhumba Wedding Live Band

The spontaneity and fun that live music creates would be something that your wedding guests remember. With a fraction of the wedding cost, you can hire a live band to play the songs that match the theme of your wedding reception. Everyone will have a great time. If you don’t know who to employ, here’s one: Rhumba Live Band… And why should it be your pick. Rhumba is one of Malaysia’s Top 10 Wedding Live Bands according to TallyPress.

Strong Vocals

Catherine’s powerful vocal synergizes with the tone of the wedding to create a very relaxed and romantic ambiance for the joyous celebration. Clients have praised her performance which is filled with soul and elegance. There are also other vocalists who have a unique style of their own. Keyboardist Kenny sings very well too, his voice resembles canto pop superstar Jacky Cheung.

outdoor wedding performance
Singer Catherine performing in an outdoor wedding
get ready to be amazed

Talented and Unique Musicians

Jacky stands out from other musicians who play only one to two musical instruments, he plays eight and more! namely 陶笛 (Ocatina from Taiwan) 笛子 (Bamboo Flute from China), 葫芦丝 (Gourd Pipe from Yunna), 二胡 (Chinese Viola from China) in the Chinese Instruments category, Western Instruments (Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Panflute, Harmonica and Violin), and also Japanese Electronic Woodwind Instrument (EWI). Due to technological advances, a performer can now create various type of music digitally. This however would not sound as original and lack the impact of a live performance, what’s more by a musician who plays multiple exotic instruments. Guests enjoyed Jacky’s solo performance which made a lasting impression.

A solo instrumental performance to behold – Jacky
play many instruments
very nice
amazing wedding entertainment
The soothing sound from the saxophone to usher the march-in

Top Live Band in Malaysia

As one of the longest standing live bands in Malaysia, Rhumba is there to raise the excitement level through their infectious performance. The fact that some people like oldies, others pop, jazz or even Chinese folk songs, is not an issue anymore. Your guests can experience a fabulous show by Rhumba Live Band that harmonizes your requirements and the “feel’ of the banquet with their huge variety of repertoires. Compliments from the wedding guests about this band have been overwhelming. Some say it is the best wedding live band they have ever heard. I believe this is because they manage to create a sense of sophistication in their music to get the crowd stoked.

the dream team

Partnership with Above-Average Wedding Vendors

Rhumba also provides other services such as wedding planning, emcee, videography, photography, sound and lighting system rental, comedian, and make up services. They partner with the crème de la crème of the wedding industry. You have the professional and talented photographer John Poh, experienced wedding emcee William Lee who is fabulous in adding that special touch to the order of activities, the trendy and chic Vallerie Fan Wedding Gallery among others working together to make your wedding event a truly memorable one. It’s the go-to team!

good vendors
A combination of talent, experience and good attitude, the qualities you want in a wedding vendor

Mar 2013

Everyone loved your performance at Jasmine Wong and Anderson Tan’s wedding banquet at Eastin Hotel on 2 March 2013. Our guests enjoyed the music you provided and are awed by Jacky the multi-instrumentalist! Highly recommended band!

Nov 2011

Rhumba pretty much is the biggest reason why my guests had a good time. They really are awesome. I chose Rhumba after watching their performance in one of my cookies’ wedding. I thought Jacky was great, he can play so many instruments. Also, Kenny have a voice that is quite like Jacky Cheung. Kian loves Jacky Cheung song so I know he will like it. Jacky played a very nice oldies (Herb Alpert – This guy’s in love) on the saxophone while ushering us in on the first march-in. Kenny was great too in singing our second march-in song (So much in love). We didn’t get to hear all their performance but those that we heard are very good. Many said they are the best wedding band they’ve ever heard.

Jan 2010

thanks to Rhumba Live Band for creating the perfect mood for the reception.


Rhumba Event Mangement

FB Page:
Tel: 012-765 5006
Rates: starts at RM2100 (without sound system)

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