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The Right Makeup Color | Color Makeup – Fanny

What makeup colors will look good on you, you may wonder. You should choose the right coverage and palette that are right for your skin undertone. To determine if you have cool or warm undertones, look at the back of your wrist, if your veins are mostly blue you have cool undertone. If the veins are mostly green you are warm. If you have both, then your tone is neutral.

Cool Undertones
People who have cool undertone, pink, plum, rose, teal, silver and navy blue look good on them. These are the colors they should go for. Strong gold and red will look overstated on them. Fanny picks the right makeup palette that complements her bride’s complexion. Colors such as rosy plum on the cheek, silvery bluish eye shadows and pink lips match their cool tones.
best in town
Rosy plum brings out the bride’s fair complexion

color makeup fanny
Silvery blue eye shadows and pink lips match the cool undertones

Neutral Undertones

For neutral skin tone, both warm and cool colors are good. Try to opt for peach and pink. Use a foundation with the same color as your skin tone. The color near the jawline is your skin’s natural color. The blush can be heavier but not too red.
Warm Undertones
For those with warm undertones, yellow, orange, peach, brown,
metallic bronze or copper, deep red and gold bring out the light in their complexion. Bolder and darker eye shadows will look good. Fanny goes for deeper shades such as dark blue or dark gray instead of lighter colors. She makes use of shimmer and different tones of shadows for better effects. Darker eye liner can accentuate the Asian dark brown eyes. Lighter colors will make the eyes look dull as they highlight the whites of the eyes.
blue shadows to match
Different tones of bold blue, darker on the sides of the eyes.

look pretty

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