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The Wedding Heritage Bungalow, Kota Damansara

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Package 2020: from RM27.50 per pax | The Wedding Heritage (TWH) Kota Damansara has been described as bungalow set up for a memorable wedding. Located in a gated housing area, parking is rather difficult. The wedding packages are superb in terms of the number of items included and the really attractive price. Many commented that it is pretty small.

Malay weddings are usually conducted in a way that food is served a longer time stretch, the guests can come at different time, congratulate the pengantin, help themselves with the buffet, and leave. Free seating. This way, the venue is able to cater more guests and is more flexible. 

TWH has 3 bungalows located at Jalan Semarak (Ampang), Kota Damansara and Putrajaya. | Feb 2017

Homestay in this 2-storey bungalow
The outdoor area is allocated for wedding reception tables
Lovely wedding setup for a memorable wedding


Pelamin indoor
red carpet for the march in

Photos from Foursquare:

Bungalow in Kota Damansara
Outdoor setup with canopy
Family and friends can gather indoor as well, cozy and small
The VIP table


Google Reviews 2018:  Car Park – Not Good. Park on the side of the road. Went into the house area from the back gate – not the front gate (the taman’s guard wouldn’t let us in – eventhough im the bride’s sister, and asked us to park on the side of the road).

Food – OK. Had Spiced Nasi Beriani with Ayam Masak Merah, Daging Masak Hitam (a bit spicy but meats were tender), papedom (quite oily), dalca sayur, acar buah, air bandung soda (didnt taste the soda – taste like normal air bandung) and fruits (slices of watermelons & oranges).

Venue/Bungalow – OK. Inside has airconds and outside has industrial stand fans. The eating area is outside, under canopies. The living room is quite small (there is a pelamin and we also had akad nikah in it). But PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR RUSTY TAP WATER! The water colour is brownish!

Nice place to held a wedding, mine accommodate around 1200 guess. A bungalow set up for a memorable wedding. Not spacious enough for large crowd. Nice wedding venue, super friendly staff. Very recommended. So so food. Superb all-in wedding package at bungalow TWH!

Mar 2018

Pretty small and compact but it’ll make do for nice wedding

The Wedding Heritage Bungalow, Kota Damansara

FB Page:
Add: 6, Jalan Cecawi 6/5a, Section 6, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 016-562 9394

Wedding Package 2022: 

Different packages for different venue locations: 

GlassHall Cheras: RM68,700 for 1000 pax (600 seating at one time)
TWH Urban Park RM45,000 for 1000 pax

and Others

Capacity: 2000 pax


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