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Tips for Wedding Photobooth/ Stage Backdrop Wordings

Whether it is a fabric (curtains), fairy lights, cardboard, poster, artificial grass, brick wall or nature base backdrop, there are different tricks and ideas to make the wordings stand out. One also must take into account the source of lighting such as ballroom lights which will be dimmed and brightened, inconsistent natural sun beam, spot lights, ambient or decorative lighting. Fonts and wordings by H&W Studio.
1. Get the names and logo die-cut if
possible for fairy lights backdrop
These days, couples are keen to put their names and logo as part of the wedding
decoration on top of the fairy lights. However, when the lighting of
the event hall is dimmed, the words are likely to be out shadowed if they are not presented in die-cut format.
event backdrop

2. Use cursive/ joint wording for fabric base

material is always preferred and used in the backdrop or photo booth
decoration, with certain degree of folding on it. Unless the separated
letters are attached on a supporting material at the back, it is always
recommended to use cursive word instead as the letters are joint. When the decoration
items are installed on the fabric separately, they can appear uneven due to the folding of the fabric.
joint cursive

3. Make use of 3D and emboss element

The emboss element has become a trend in the backdrop decoration.
trendy backdrop
The 3D wordings and flowers enliven the entire setup.Venue: V E Hotel & Residence, Bangsar South, KL | Concept by: Time Lock Decor & Event | Wordings by: H&W
couples initial
Embossed fonts on a wedding poster, banner. Venue: Tropicana Golf Resort
4. Design your own wedding logo first using the initials for example, then engage H&W Studio to create the 3D Wording
3D letters
Cardboard base
yellow lighted words
Names and Logo with ambient light, artificial grass as the background @ Imperial China Restaurant, Subang SS17. Concept & setting by: Kisskiss Wedding/Event Decoration Services.
red curtain
wedding backdrop
Fabric base

5. Contrasting colors for higher readability – for the backdrop with uneven tones and textures

uneven texture
Yellow words on green tree leaves make it easier to read
Red fonts on a white base with the backdrop of nature
cascading flowers
Ivory White wordings on red-brick-wall with the natural sun beam. Simple & Sweet backdrop at Glasshouse Seputeh.
6. Match the base and wedding theme
One of the benefits of using foam cut logo is you could design according to your decoration needs.
board back
The embossed
red glittering logo elegantly blends in with the soft pink tone of the
base. Venue: Bukit Jalil Golf Club, KL
fairy tale stage
Purple theme
candles and flowers
Silver and grey

7. Big scale couple’s initials with LED light bulbs in foam material, which is more cost efficient.


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