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TIPS How to Prepare for Bridal Makeup | Ally Choong Makeover

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A specific style may be appealing to someone but not to another.  So it is important to identify what you like. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your bridal makeup.

  • Know the colors and style that you want. Get inspirations from magazines. Be realistic, choose something that suits your skin color and features. 
  • Give the Makeup Artist (MUA) a call to strike a conversation. Meet up for a trial run before your big event, so you get an idea of how she/ he works. 
  • Arrange the trial on the day you have a function or party to go to, so you can try wearing the makeup and hair for a longer time to check if it holds. 
  • Be very direct in spelling out what you like and don’t like. Tell the MUA about your concerns; nose is too big, the size of your eyes… Communicate!
  • Keep an open mind and consider the MUA’s suggestions.
  • After the makeup, take photos of yourself in different lighting. 

If you are someone who don’t know what fits you, look at the examples below. Ally Choong is good at creating a complete look that would work together well. I think she goes wherever the trends take her. Depending on the facial shape and features, she frames the face using unique hair styling techniques and the filling of the eye brows. I love the way she emphasizes the eyes strongly in a natural way.

Ally is one of the more experienced bridal makeup artists around. I got
to know her through discussions happening online as well as recommendations from fellow readers. She has
been evolving through time adapting new techniques yet preserving her
own unique style.

front braid circle pale purple chinese collar

blur dress with flower shoulder
Ally frames the face using natural hair styling and the filling of the brows

thick but nature eye lashes lining
Strong emphasis on the eyes for an outdoor photo session

side parting ribbon round earring

happy bride all smiles

groom holding the dress blue

yellow dress bedroom
A complete look that works well together
black dress drop shoulder

simple and complicated
Unique and captivating hairstyling

curls, rose, cyclone, waves

Ally Choong Make Over

mua posing

FB Page:
Tel: 016-3181648
Rates for 2 sessions: RM900 – RM1200

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