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Bridal House – Touch Collection Wedding Studio SS2

Touch Collection Wedding Studio is the third brand under the Touch Group of Bridal Houses. It was initially named Vangogh. The packages are more expensive, it offers an exquisite collection of designer gowns though not plenty, and the photographs it produces are really good.

Touch Group owns a few subsidiaries namely:

  1. Touch Wedding Studio (Jln Loke Yew moved to Jalan Pudu) – First and signature branch
  2. Fayes Bridal House (Jln Loke Yew) – Stopped
  3. Touch Collection Wedding Studio (SS2)
  4. Love Vision Wedding Studio (SS2)
  5. Life Gallery (SS2)
  6. Taipei Taipan (Jln Ipoh) – Stopped

I’m not sure what happened behind the scene or to its management, Vangogh was later renamed to Touch Collection. With the departure of their high profile PGs (Wedding Acronym) and reallocation of staffs, some customers experienced unsatisfactory services. Overall brides are still impressed with their wedding gowns and service of particular SAs, PGs. MUAs – refer to threads below. The gowns are so attractive that the brides don’t mind one or two tiny glitches with their service, which is normal I think.

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FB page: by TOUCH COLLECTION – Yih Photo
Lipson and Jessy Pre-wedding montage by Touch Collection SS2
MUA: Celine
PG: Kurt and Lee Ying
Sep 2013
after that we went to the bridal fair in MV. the first booth we went was Touch Collection. their pictures seem ok ok, but the layout design of the album and the album material was not nice. after the lady explained the package to us, we say thanks we’ll think abt it, then she say nonid think la! so good package take la! ..wth another o.m.g. ..then summore she call her boss and boss also so pushy! they really dont let us walk away and ys and i getting annoyed ade. then they say they will leave for a few minutes let us consider and they will come back. so we discussed.. their package was really good for the price they offered us really a lot of things, but their album was just not nice and they were a bit cinapek. the make-up artist summore wanna comment about my hair and say my eyes are ‘lazy eyes’! haha way to go! after that they came back and we say we will come back tmr.. BUT, they stillll dowan to let us go! really dem pushy. and they got another guy to come and talk to us. and all the while we were speaking cantonese and a bit mandarin cos they dunno english. and this guy dun even know cantonese, serious communication breakdown! ys cannot tahan already and he straight away stand up say cannot. i saw him stand then i also stand and we just said thanks and walked away. wow! serious battlefield! cannot tahan these cinapek ppl.
Jan 2013
3rd brand under the Touch Group Bridal Houses, Touch collection is a great BS for me. They have collection of stunning designer gowns though it’s not that many and packages here are expensive but I tell you, you won’t regret paying such amount because of the quality of service given to you.
One last thing, if you go there make sure to look for PG Jade and MUA Bernard. They’re the best!
Debby @Nov 2011 says:
“I signed up with them a couple of weeks ago and just went there for the photo picking session.
The package I chose was for RM3300, which includes the ff:
1) 5 gown + 5 coat Pre-Wed Shoot
2) indoor + 1 outdoor shooting (KL/PJ area)
3) 12’x18′ album – 20 pg (30 poses + 10 mv)
4) 8’x 12′ album – 20 pg (20 poses)
5) 24’x 60′ – 1pcs (tex+frame)
6) 10’x 12′ – 2pcs (tex+frame)
7) 4R – 100pcs (10 poses)
8) DVD 1 song (30 poses)
9) CDR (50poses+10mv) – from album
12)New Moon x1pcs
13)Guest Book – 2pcs

Wedding day:-
1) 1 wedding gown + 2 night gown + 2 groom’s coat (with accessories)
2) 1 hand bouquet + 2 corsage
3) wedding day car decoration

“The photos were OK. I think they were pretty, although I looked rather old? But overall they look fine.”

The BS had its challenging moments. With more and more bridal houses being set up in the SS2 bridal triangle, competition has become very intense. It’s unbelievable how many bridal shops there are at that small area. In 2011, Touch Collection’s lobby was set on fire believed to be a business rivalry arson. You can read more about the kinda dramatic tragedy that happened:

Touch Group is a strong and competitive chain. The way they drew in customers at the bridal fair was rather overwhelming.

Touch Collection Wedding Studio
FB page:
Add: 86, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D. E., Malaysia.
Tel: 03-7877 8986

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