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Traditional Villas in the Hills at Puncak Rimba, Bentong, Pahang

Puncak Rimba is a hidden gem up the hills of Bentong, Pahang. Described as the most serene place on earth, there’re river, waterfalls, trees everywhere. There is a huge open lawn with breathtaking mountainous views for outdoor wedding ceremony and reception. The foggy atmosphere, slightly cooler temperature, traditional Malay houses, beautiful nature and greenery are just so captivating. 


Mar 2018 (Yuna and Adam’s wedding): We were blown away by the traditional architecture that sits on top of untouched nature. One villa sits right next to a waterfall, with a sliding door opening up to the waterfall. We felt  the passion and love that the owner/builder had for nature and his land. Then we were taken to a huge open space, a field, overlooking the beautiful hills around Puncak Rimba’s estate. I turn and look behind, and there was a beautiful old traditional Malay house that sits on the edge of the hill. I couldn’t believe it! The entire area was surrounded by thick Malaysian equatorial forest, and all the sudden there’s this beautiful place that sits in the middle. It was so perfect! After a few meetings and emails (we also had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful couple who owns this place) we decided to book Puncak Rimba as our akad nikah venue.

Apr 2019 | Photos by GMPS Wedding Film and Photography:

puncak rimba wedding

Traditional house – Rumah Annex

The foggy atmosphere, slightly cooler temperature, beautiful nature and greenery are just so captivating – great for photography

Perfect weather for outdoor wedding

Yuna & Adam’s wedding | Tropical + Bohemian Theme | Jan 2018 | Photos by

serene foggy outdoor wedding

Such a lovely outdoor wedding on the hills with horse-shoe seating arrangement.

Outdoor wedding. Transparent tents and tent decor by YSA Events

wedding on the hill

Yuna describes her wedding style as tropical + bohemian. Flowers by FloresKL | Decor by The Calla

Other photos:

Malay architecture – Rumah Annex (bricks) and Rumah Kuno (wooden)

Breathtaking pool wedding

Puncak Rimba

Puncak Rimba reserve forest

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Add: Jalan Lama, 28700 Bentong, Pahang


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