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Types of Bridal Hair-Do’s

Girls have their own fancy when it comes to hairstyle. Some prefer it curled, straight, fringe, brushed-back, up or down… In choosing the type of hair-do, you may consider the wedding dress cut, neckline, embroidery. Your facial configuration will also matter as the bridal hair impacts the overall look.

A properly set updo ensures the hair is neat and hassle-free all day long. Having all down long hair will post a bit of a problem, the hair might look unkempt after some time of moving about. To solve the problem, you can go for a half up half down hair style. You have part of your hair properly tied up and keep half of it flowing down to cover some bare skin :), for instance a strapless, low cut neckline dress.

A Classic Chignon is an updo tied low at the nape of the neck. This hair style is very sleek, elegant and it gives the bride a sophisticated look.
Barrel curls are large ringlets that can be achieved by using barrel curlers.
You can do a French Twist by twisting the hair up into a cone shape, holding it with pins.
A Beehive hair of the 60s, is achieved by gathering the back-brushed and base hair, wrapping it towards the crown of the head with hairspray. To create more volume/ height, insert a round, light object wrapped by the hair.

bridal updo in malaysia
From left: 1. High curly updo 2. Backcombed Grecian Goddess Style 3. Classic Messy Chignon
updo bridal hair
From left: 1. Ballerina Twist 2. Barrel Curls Updo 3. Classic Chignon #lowchignon
1. Beehive updo 2. French twist updo 3. Classic Bridal Bun
From left: 1. #Beehive updo 2. French twist updo 3. Classic Bridal Bun. #frenchtwist

Half Up/ Down
half up and down bridal hair
1. Spanish Weaves Half Up/down 2. Spring Curls 3. Loose Waves Half Up. #halfdown
nice hair for wedding
1. Barrel Curls Half Up 2. Puffed-up Simple straight 3. Wavy side pony with fringe

Beautiful brunette with spiral curled ends, smooth at the top is a great look. The soft Long Spiral curls add bounciness to the lock.
The classic 1940s long Vintage hairstyle has cascading curls with a deep side parting. You can also put on a birdcage veil to spice up the retro look.
Tresses with fuller, thicker waves will give the bride a sexy-edge. The Sultry Waves can frame your face beautifully maintaining a modern appearance.

Long/ All Down
1. Long, spiral Curls 2. Long 40s Vintage Make Hairstyle 3. Sultry Waves
From left: 1. Long, spiral Curls 2. Long 40s Vintage Make Hairstyle 3. Sultry Waves. #vintagehair #alldown


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