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Types of Wedding Video

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Videos are a good way to store your wedding memories for keepsake. If you have the time, consider making more than one videos to create more dimensions to the big celebration.

Proposal video is better to be kept short and precise.

Take inspirations from this serene romantic beach ‘Save the date’ video

Save-The-Date video by Akshay Magdum Photo & Film’s #saveourdate

This Pre-wedding-behind the scene video is so nice. See with your own eyes the whole process of how a very plain scene is turned into an artistic photo.

Hock & Pearl pre-wedding shooting ~ Behind the Scene from Victoria Wedding Gallery

Love story- Interview is a precious because it captures all the little details of what actually happened during pre, post-courtship and the the journey to the wedding day.

Love-Story Interview By the professional ShutterSpeak Studio

The secret to good Actual Wedding Day video is it has to be natural. The couple talk about their feelings with the language they are familiar with and the way they normally converse in – not pretentious at all. The wedding events are edited well with rhythmic transitions and apt music.

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