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BS | Victoria Wedding Gallery SS2

Kudos to its PG (Wedding Acronym) Abbey
Choo who is a certified professional photographer WPPA. I’m no photography expert but to me the photos are incredible. It
really depends on one’s preference though. BTBs on forums couldn’t stop
praising her. I always like dreamy and “I’m in fantasy land”
photographs, a good combination of photo taking and editing skills. The
right pose, angle, lighting, selection of background and camera settings
make significant difference here. She is like a piece of hot cake, fast
selling, book her as quickly as you could. However some samples of
actual photos of previous Victorian brides posted online are not as
great, no doubt good.

All the gowns are available for
PS, no segregation of super duper VVIP dresses and extra charges for
them. The selection is not big and some gowns are quite dated. I personally like Penken’s makeup skill
(she turned my friend into an angel) but hair-styling not so. Here’s a
very neat video of the photoshoot and shots of edited pictures nicely
put together by Victoria:
Working behind the scene by Victoria Wedding Gallery on Vimeo
PG: Abbey Choo | Assistant: Jass | Videographer: Kok Sing |MUA: Penken 


jetty, garden, beach, sun set, indoor
Jaseline and Albert’s pre-wedding e-design photos by Victoria


abbey choo photo lying on hays
tree without leaves floating veil
beautiful countryside
Aug 2015
Good service, without any hidden charges, without any Upgrade fee for “VIP”. For them all customers is VIP, all prices are reasonable and flexible.
VWG able provide us customer’s photos as sample, when we request to see the real sample photo. Unlike others wedding gallery, only able provide us their advertisement model pre-wedding photo. They are confidence to all photo which taken by them.
Gown: Can try as much as you can without any extra charges.
Photographer: Abby Choo, very relax with photo shooting section with her, and she had a great artwork.
Make Up Artist: Penken’s makeup and hairdo style is nice.
Sales Person: Ah Mi, very patient and have almost 10 years experiences in the wedding line. She want to know what we want and our budget, instead of what they could give us, or just want us adding more extra cost for some service or product. She could able provide us a flexible package and always put customers happiness as first option. When picking gown, she able give us an advise which gown is suitable for us.
Photographer Assistance: MK, he is very helpful and guide us when photo shooting section
Photo Editor: Mr. Yeo and MK, they have a good PS skills. They are patient and listen to customers. Mr. Yeo could give us a good advise about the photos.
Price: Reasonable
Jan 2014
Both their photographers are indeed good. However, I chose Abby who is also their boss at Victoria. My photos turned out very well. It must have been the combined efforts of the photographer and the makeup artist that made me look so good.
Feb 2014
My complaint with Victoria is that their gowns are very limited. I had a hard time choosing what I liked because there were so few to choose from.
The good thing about Victoria is that they don’t categorize the gowns from which you can choose from. You can choose from their VIP section as well as their normal section without adding more money.
Mar 2014
Jo and Juliet were indeed nice! They were very straightforward and were not hard sell at all.

Victoria Wedding Gallery

Website: http://victoriawedding.my
Add: 205, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel:  +6 03-7877 4692, +6 03 7877 4693
Email: abbeychoo@yahoo.com

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 8pm
Sunday: 11am – 7pm
Monday: Closed

Package Details: from RM2688 (pre-wedding), RM2600 (AD photography), RM3800 (AD videography)

boy kissing on top bride looking up

long wedding gown train historical building
Amazing work by Abbey Choo of Victoria Wedding Gallery

  • Justina
    January 24, 2013 at 1:19 am

    I dropped by Victoria a couple of weeks ago, and found that their dresses were quite dated, although well maintained. It will probably look beautiful in photographs once edited, but it's not something I would wear for my reception/ceremony.

  • shermaine
    March 18, 2013 at 1:55 am

    We selected Victoria, everything went smoothly until the photoshooting was over. The photo editing was poorly done and at first they committed to give us all the photos, albums and frames early of the month, but they purposely delay it until now and we have yet to receive them.

  • rachel
    April 4, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    We visited about 3 bridal houses and ended up happily with Victoria.

    I must say the experience with them is superb. They are very friendly, considerate yet professional. Majority of the crews is ladies and that makes me, being the bride to be, so much comfortable. The photos by Abbey are simply lovely. Penken as MUA did an outstanding job. Overall, we're very satisfied and no regret at all engaging Victoria Wedding Gallery for our wedding portrait. 😀

    Service: 5♥
    Photography: 5♥
    Make-up and styling: 5♥
    Gown: 5♥
    BS environment: 5♥

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